Warrior cat love story {3}

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ok, now you have even more to think about... good luck! rules: if you are not a she cat you may not take the quiz. if you have not taken the first two you may not take this quiz. you must always love the same cat unless you really really can not any more

thanks for taking the quiz! I hope you have fun! I am excited to share this quiz with the world (internet) and I hope it is successful! if it is I will be sooo happy, I love making quizes

Created by: Brightstar

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  1. hi! remember the end of last quiz? (you woke up and we're gonna start a new day)
  2. so, ready to start?
  3. The first morning bird sings, you wake, you stretch, and begin to wash. You then finish, and go to the fresh kill pile, you love this time of day, the sun just risen, the world just waking up, you pick a squirrel out of the fresh kill pile, it reminds you of when you were a kit. you see a few cats starting to get up, you settle down to eat and as you look around, you feel like you could not be happier. then Snowfur comes up to you... "Icewish... wanna share tungs after you're done eating?" he looks at his paws
  4. you end up kindly and awkwardly declining, he doesn't seem hurt, so you finish eating and go of to be on your own. you go of hunting. but after you have gone a little ways, an unpleasant surprise awaits you...
  5. a badger attack, two badgers go at you at the same time, paralysed from when you were an apprentice, you can't move. One of the badgers jumps on you, you can barely fight. It rips your belly and goes for your throat. the other is going at you as well, you can't keep them of, you scream for help, but no one comes. you continue screaming, and eventually you go limp, your vision dims, then the badger is thrown of of you, the other is as well, you see a dark figure, you hear Coleshadow's voice "Icewish?are you ok?" "I-I think so..." you are just able to say, you hang on to life desperately, you feel yourself drifting away, "I-I've gotta get you to the medicine den!" he said quickly, you feel him lift you up, you can barely see, the pain eases, you are tempted to let go bet you don't, you stick in life, and hope he gets you to the medicine cat fast...
  6. you wake in the med den, Marigoldflower, the newly named medicine cat, was right with you. she was working on your wounds, when she saw you raise your head she looked so relieved "oh thank goodness you're alive!" she exclaimed, "I thought I couldn't do it!" she told you to lay back down but just then you heard a scurry bye the entrance and Coleshadow ran in, "is she ok!?" he asked Marigoldflower "she's alive, and I treated her wounds" she replied, Coleshadow looked SOOOOO relieved at you being alive. "he was worried sick when he brought you in" Marigoldflower told you quietly "I think you two may be more than just friends" she whispered. you didn't tell her that he had already admitted it, but then she said "Coleshadow, I'd like you to leave for now. Icewish needs her rest" after he had left she gave you poppy seeds, you soon fell asleep.
  7. you wake up and are told that Streamstar is dead!!!!!!!!! you are stunned! after you are healed, you go out to the new leader, Goldenstar, an attractive, long furred golden tom. he rushes to you, "I guess the badgers that attacked you had family!" he exclaimed "Icewish, I really never knew this would happen" I guess badgers are just too complicated for lazy creatures like us!" he smiled at you, then leaned against you
  8. you pad out to get a piece of fresh kill, you sit down to eat it, it tastes sooooooooooo good, you were hungry! you eat it all, then settle down to feel the slowly sinking sun. you then look to the side and see a cat sitting beside you. it's...
  9. it turns out to be Snowfur, he looks over at you Icewish" he says "I need to tell you something..." "I've wanted to tell you this all my life..." "that... well..." "that I love you" ok sorry end of quiz
  10. bye!

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