Warrior cat love! ]SHE-CAT ONLY]

Who did you get moody Redtail or adventerous Scarpelt. Hope you enjoyed it! Please comment try my other 2 quizzes!Please put ideas for quizzes in commet section!

I hope you like your mate! Briarlight2003 likes her some Jayfeather!Anways please only post nice comments! All comments thatare mean could and will be used against you.

Created by: Briarlight2003

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  1. Your mentor tells you to go patrol the border with Redpaw.What's next?
  2. On the patrol Redpaw's pelt brushes yours?! What now?
  3. "_____, you smell that? It smells like rogue?" Redpaw mews. A black and white tom,about your age,jumps out. "Hello.I'm Scar. You are a beatiful she-cat."
  4. You return to camp with Scar behind."Hello. Rogue follow me." Your mentor mews. "____! How could you bring that excuse for a cat to camp!" Redpaw yowls. "Be quiet Redpaw! I have reasons! Leaf bare is near! We need all warriors we can get!" What are you thinking?
  5. Scar becomes an apprentice!You two share a mentor!What now?
  6. You and Scarpaw are in battle training. Scarpaw offers help on a move you are struggling with. How do reply?
  7. You are made a warrior! Scarpaw is now Scarpelt and Redpaw is now Redtail! You are to sleep while Redtail watches. Who do you curl up to?
  8. During your vigil a rival clan attacks. Who do you fight alongside?
  9. You are appointed deputy? Who do ask to lead a hunting patrol?
  10. You are asked by Redtail and Scarpelt to be their mate who do you choose? [doesn't affect score]

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