Naruto the last time

Ok so this is the last part of the Naruto quizzes sorry that is was soooooooo short it just got harder and harder to come up with ideas as you can see I sort of went rogue and not follow the story line fix for that

Thnx for reading these quizzes and being with me everstep if the way from love at miss peregrines to more to still come! For those who actually know me you know the rough year I’d had and doing quizzes got me through ot

Created by: PeculiarGirl1

  1. You woke up the next morning. You were on something at first you thought it was Akamaru but you looked up it was Naruto. He slowly opened his eyes and pretended to still be asleep. He stroke your hair and you ‘got up’ he smiled at you. “No nightmares?” You shook your head. “I better get going” You said bidding your goodbye.
  2. You walked home rubbing the sleep from you eyes. You opened the door and gasped. The furniture was turned upside down and scattered. You did the shadow binding jitsu but no ones shadow binded there was a single note. “Come back or he dies” You had no choice. You packed your stuff. You had to say goodbye to the people who finally loved you
  3. You first went to Naruto. You knocked on his door. You heard running. The door opened. “Back so soon?” You:
  4. “I’m sorry” you said after _____ him. And you left.
  5. You didn’t know where Sasuke lives so you went to the training grounds.Ofcourse he was there. You let him finish. “Hi Asuka” you started to cry. You ran up to him and _____
  6. Before he said anything you ran to the woods. You knew the way. You kept on thinking what they were doing to Kiba. The forest became darker and there was much st.
  7. You took one more step when you heard someone behind you. “Hello?” No one came out you kept walking dismissing it. You walked furtherance further into the mist until not even your silhouette showed
  8. They let Kiba go when you called surrender you regained the title of the mist Assassin
  9. You were on a mission by yourself this was when the villages were at peace because of a force. You cut you hair so it didn’t leave your trace. There was a swish and then you were pinned to the ground.
  10. People came out it was the force but there was a fourth. You looked closer it was Sasuke. “Sasuke? What’s going on!” You cried. The girl explained that they wanted you to join.
  11. You refused they put Sasuke on the floor and held a knife to his throat. You screamed “fine just don’t hurt him”
  12. (Ok just fast forwarding) turns out you were just bait for Naruto. They threatened to kill you. “Fine-“ “Naruto if you love me you’ll let them kill me! If you want to be Hokage they’ll have to kill me!” He started to cry. “Naruto don’t forget me! I’ll see you soon” you felt the knife slice your throat and you blacked out

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