What Naruto characters think of you.

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There are so many characters in Naruto but what do they really think about you? Take this detailed quiz and find out for yourself. (I'll remind you again it's for girls only!)

This is one of my first quizzes and I would gladly appreciate it if you could comment and give me some ideas for more quizzes. Thanks :)

Created by: Raptor Gal
  1. You are walking home one cold night when you hear a whimpering sound. You look over your shoulder to see a small orphan dog. You...
  2. As you are walking home you take some time to observe the dog. It is...
  3. You make it home and make a makeshift bet for the dog. It soon falls asleep, what are your thoughts know?
  4. You go to sleep, you dream about...
  5. Someone suddenly wakes you up. It's Shikamaru.
  6. Shikamaru tells you that Lee wants to see you and he's waiting outside.
  7. When you go outside what's the first thing you say?
  8. He asks you If you would like to go for a walk and just talk.
  9. You go for a walk what do you talk about?
  10. Your walking along when Hinata asks you if you would like to go pick some flowers with her. (If you didn't go with Lee pretend your waking by yourself)
  11. Suddenly Naruto runs up behind you and tells you there is a party going on and everyone's invited. He asks you if you would like to go.
  12. Naruto tells you that everyone except for one person is invited. You are exited because that person is..
  13. It's half an hour till the party what do you wear?
  14. Your at the party when Gaara asks you to dance. Your dancing on the dance floor. What do you say to him?
  15. He asks would you like some punch?
  16. It's the day after the party. You were all told to meet at the centre of town. When you get there you get told you are going into the forest where you will be hunting ninjas with scrolls to be building up you team building skills. You choose to go with
  17. You see a ninja. You team decides that you should take it out. You.... (Remember there only clones)
  18. When you get back to base they tell you when you open the scrolls you'll see what you most desire. What do you see?
  19. After the training you and Kiba spend some time in the woods together. What do you do?
  20. Kiba sits quietly for ages and suddenly turns around and asks you out.
  21. Your heading home after talking to (your boyfriend/enemy/friend) Kiba. When Sasuke asks you to come to the movies with him. You go to the movies and watch
  22. After the movie you head home to find Choji standing outside your house. He tells you he had left some food on the table cause he though you would be hungry after the mission today. (Awwww how cute) You walk inside to find
  23. You go to bed after dinner and dream about your future. What is your future like?
  24. You wake up and head outside to find Neji with a notepad. He asks if you could answer some simple questions and you agree. "What's your hair colour?"
  25. "What's your eye colour?"
  26. "What's your favourite colour?"
  27. Ready to find out your result?

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