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beauty queen here. guys i have something to tell you. i won't be here at gotoquiz for a while, because school will be out in a couple days and since it is summer, i will have time to work on my projects, and my parents probably won't let me go on gotoquiz during the summer time.

on a more positive note, i don't have to return my chrome book to school. :), so i will be able to go on gotoquiz, but i won't make any quizzes. (but i might make some polls) if i am able to i will make a quiz to update you on my summer.

Created by: beauty queen
  1. did you read the introduction paragraphs?
  2. i have some sad news
  3. i won't be going on gotoquiz that much because my parents don't want me on screens for too long.
  4. and if i go on screens my parents will only let me go on the i-pad
  5. if i do go on gotoquiz i will only be on for a short period of time because...
  6. it takes me a long time to make quizzes, and i can't go on gotoquiz for too long because of my parent's rules
  7. i know i can always log into my quiz to finish it but i can't go on every day because of my parent's rules about screens.
  8. also i have many problems in my life.
  9. one problem is not just mine but yours too: covid 19
  10. even when i get vaccinated i will still be scared of catching covid
  11. and i am sad about other things too, i feel like an outcast on gotoquiz, i have low confidence and self esteem, i have been losing interest in things i used to love.
  12. AND i feel like i am ugly. that might not sound like something too bad, but it does not feel good.
  13. anyway, i probably won't be on gotoquiz for weeks at a time.
  14. even though i don't have any friends on gotoquiz i feel like the people who rated, took, and commented on my quizzes are my friends
  15. now i am going to give shoutouts (to lighten the mood and for fun) these are the people who took my quiz
  16. the first shoutouts will be for the people who took this quiz: "On a beauty scale of one to ten where are you!" quiz.
  17. the first shoutout goes to derecho!
  18. the second shoutout goes to crazy_horse_girl!
  19. the third shoutout goes to thespacecat!
  20. the last shoutout goes to louisetheo!
  21. the next shoutout goes to the person that took my "what anime girl are you" quiz
  22. the first and last shoutout goes to derecho!
  23. goodbye! this is probably going to be my last quiz :(

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