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beauty queen here. do you remember my last quiz, On a beauty scale of one to ten where are you! well if you got a low score don't feel bad! that quiz was just for fun! now please enjoy my next quiz: what anime girl are you!

this quiz is the what anime girl are you quiz. you can get kind and confident, mature and dependable, shy and intelligent, pretty and popular, or cute and talkative! Note: the website where i get pics from does not have any pics of anime so i will use other pics instead.

Created by: beauty queen
  1. the place where i get images from does have anime pics.
  2. what is your favorite color
  3. what is your hair color
  4. what color are your eyes
  5. how long is your hair
  6. do you like nature
  7. how popular are you
  8. what is your favorite fruit
  9. what is your personality like
  10. choose the name closest to your name
  11. what is your element
  12. introvert or extrovert
  13. what is your least favorite color
  14. what result do you want to get
  15. what result do you think you will get
  16. the place where i get pics from does not have any anime pics so i will use other pics
  17. bye!!!!!!

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