War Of 1812 Quiz

Before we begin I want you all to know that You could do better than me, so go create an Account And Beat me at my own F-Ing Game! Come on! Dont be shy. I promise I wont cheat That Badly

But yeah, this is the Quiz Where America Gets Her Ass Beaten, but thats Ok! Becouse that Andrew Jackson comes along and Beats The s--- out of the British! Granted its already to late, but its the thought that counts...

Created by: Deadlock

  1. What events Led to the War Of 1812?
  2. What did The Americans Do to Solve the problem of impressment?
  3. When did America Declare war on Britian?
  4. Who Was The American General At The Battle Of Detroit?
  5. How did Brock win the Battle Of Detroit for the British?
  6. What Happend after The Battle Of Frenchtown?
  7. What Was The Raisin River Massacre?
  8. Who said Don't Give Up The Ship?
  9. Who won The Battle Of Lake Erie?
  10. What Did The British Do when they Reached Washington D.C. ?
  11. Who Wrote The Star Spangled Banner?
  12. Who Led The Americans During The Battle Of New Orleans?
  13. What was Andrew Jackson's Nickname?
  14. Who Won the Battle Of New Orleans?
  15. What did the War End in?

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