Walt Disney Quiz

You always wondered if you new Disney and here is your chance so try this quiz to see if you are a crazed fan! hope you do your best so get out there and give it a try.

Are you a crazy Disney fan, find out here and try this amazing quiz to test your Disney skills! Be the best and only Disney fan to complete this quiz,.

Created by: Zoe

  1. Who made Disney? It is in the title so do not be dumb please!
  2. Where is Disney Land/world either one is fine.
  3. What is the last name of Steamboat___
  4. What was Walt Disney's first cartoon character?
  5. What does the gold dot in Disney land California?
  6. Who is Walt Disney's wife?
  7. How did Walt Disney die?
  8. How did Walt Disney die?
  9. Where was Walt Disney born?
  10. What happens if you take the apple the witch hands you on the Snow White ride?

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