How well do you know WDW?

Ok, I decided to create a short quiz on Walt Disney World just for fun since most of the people on my friend list are avid WDW fans. I tried to mix easy & hard questions in so kids & adults could have some fun. I love all things WDW so this was a lot of fun to make.

Let's see just how much you know. Do you think you can qualify as a "Disney Freak"? Take a few minutes & let's see how I did at testing you. I hope you have fun taking it & I hope I didn't make it too easy for some of you!

Created by: Cristine

  1. What year was Walt Disney World opened?
  2. Cinderella's Castle is made up of how many stones?
  3. How many animals are on the Tree of Life in Animal Kingdom
  4. How many islands are in World Showcase Lagoon?
  5. What is the name of the nightly show at Disney MGM Studios?
  6. Where in Walt Disney World are Mickey & Minnie's House located?
  7. What's the former name of the Port Orleans-Riverside resort?
  8. How many slides are there at Blizzard Beach?
  9. What year did my family first visit Walt Disney World?
  10. Who is also in Universe of Energy with Ellen?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know WDW?