Victorious genius?

hey people of earth are you VICTORIOUS?, is tHiS WrTinG ANoyINg well if yes then take this wonderful quiz and find out..oh i.m hungry, i smell turkey. oh wait, so hows you weekend? mins okay is cold here in SA, i just moved here last months, they are so coplicated they hav braais and stuff.

so yue ready asn SA is not so bad coz it has nice people, cultures and elephant and music and...oh who am i kiding, i miss calafornia and newyork. ahem, i.ll pull myself together, enjoy!!!

Created by: glitter
  1. okay so who is Trina?
  2. If you are really a victorious genius you will know this: wher does the name "tori" come from?
  3. who is jade's boy friend?
  4. who does tori get jelouse of in the episode "cat's new boyfriend"?
  5. who is mr phsycowits?
  6. what does tori's locker say?
  7. when they are trapped in the RV, what disgusting thing does Robbie do?
  8. While the others are trapped in Beck's RV, what does Cat do?
  9. who owned Becks RV?
  10. what colour is Cat's hair?
  11. In the birthweek episode, what does tori give to Trina for her birthweek?
  12. finish the song Tori sang for Trina. Your the only reason______.
  13. okay people did you like this quiz?
  14. will you lovely person comment and rate?

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