vampire story quiz part2

do u like or love stories? do u like or love vampires or twilight. if u said yes to any of these questions hen u should take this story quiz. if u dn r it i dont mind. (jk)

hi this is hootie27! this is part 2 of the vampire story storyquiz series. if u didnt take part one you should try it out. click the custom google gotoquiz serch engine and serch vampire story quiz.

Created by: hootie27

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  1. Recap: you just blackedout because of ur bf/gf.
  2. u wake up back in ur house in ur bed. u think it was just a dream. till u see ur bf/gf next to u. what do u say?
  3. he/she turns ur neck to the side it turns to the mirror and u c two bite marks. they say "im a vamp." what do u say?
  4. he says not to freak ou then they say "now u r half vamp". what do u say?
  5. hey say "vampires run in ur family,but u have to wait till u r 16 be at least 1/2 vamp, but since i bite u, u went right to 1/2 vamp." what do u say?
  6. they say "ur a full vamp at age 18." hey kiss u on ur lips and leave. u see a slip of paper on ur bed. is ur bf's/gf's phone #. what do u say?
  7. it's sunday and u decide to call r bf/gf. u say "hi" they say "hey" they also say "i looked up ur family tree and my sutdies show that ur family can reach speeds of 150 mph, (over th average speed of 135 mph) u can shapeshift, u can mindread, and u can descige vary well. what do u respond?
  8. we reach monday. go to school and u go to ur first class, biology. what do u think?
  9. we reach monday. go to school and u go to ur first class, biology. what do u think?
  10. STOP:Sorry ill make the part3 valintines day. is in the air.
  11. what do u hink of part 2? plz commnt what u put on this ?

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