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Unicorns are magical creatures and have a mind of there own, I love them and suspect that you do to, if unicorns are magical then you could be one to.

Love unicorns and think that one day you will have a pet one, or maybe you could become one, its the magicalness of them that makes then well loves and amazing, they also have a mind of there own and you can't control them unless you are a unicorn too.

Created by: aulona of unicorns
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  1. Do you have a big passions for unicorns?
  2. Have you ever wished to have a pet unicorn.
  3. Have you ever had a toy unicorn.
  4. Why do you like unicorns?
  5. What colour would you like your unicorn if you had one?
  6. What car would you like?
  7. What colour is your bed room?
  8. If you could wish one thing, what will it be?
  9. What backround photo do you have on your phone or laptop?
  10. What is the first thing you would buy with 1 billion pounds or dollars?

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