Unfortunate Story.

This is the begining of my series. I don't know if you'll live it, but I'll hope you do. Uhm, so you don't have to read the rest I just need to type and yeah..

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  1. Notice; Okay! 皆さん、お元気ですか? Translate: Minasan, ogenkidesuka? DOUBLE TRANSLATE: Everyone, how are you? Heh, sorry felt like putting that. ANYWAY. Part oneeee of my series! I just have a few notices, otay? 1. I have never written a quiz story before, so bare with me if it's not good, it was orginally just a book I decieded to write so it's not really fit to be a quiz I guess... 2. I know most ( scratch that. mainly ALL ) quiz storries are romance based, am I right? This is not one, so if you're expecting it, it won't come, so sorry, and I really just can't imagine it being all romance-y ( you'll see what I mean later on ) 3. Uhm, the chapters I originally wrote are real short, so I'll combine two chapters together, if it's still short, wait till next part~ 4. Not really for girls or boys, but the main character is a girl, you can decide if you want to roleplay as the character or not. 5. uhm, I think that's it so, hopefully, enjoy the story! ( SORRY FOR THIS BEING LONG D: )
  2. Hello, dear readers, my name is Fukōna, which in japanese translates to mean 'unfortunate.' Hmm, but for me... unfortunate doesn't sum it up quite well. What I mean, is that everything most certainly does not go my way! Oh, I should proabably finsh my introduction, shall I? As I had said before, my name is Fukōna. I am of the age of 17-years-old and I live alone in an apartment. My reasoning for living alone is that, my family has died. Oh, I shouldn't say it like that! My mother had died shortly after I was born, of an illness, the illness was not clearly read to me at that time, of course because of me being an infant at the time, but later on no one ever mentioned it to me then either. But I guess it wasn't truly important, if no one would have ever wanted it to matter, they'd have told the daughter of the woman, right? As for my father, he died in a car accident when I was in middle school. Truly grusome actually, but I wouldn't want to get into the details. I am all alone in the world... Well, that isn't entirely true. I have friends, actually only two, so it just barely counts as 'friends' I guess. Their names are Sekai, and Kaito. Anyway, I should get on with what has happen and IS happening in my life..
  3. The alarm clock in my room at sounded, signaling that it was time for school... Great... "Oh, great, it's morning," I got up out of my bed and checked the clock. 5:30 a.m. why do I always set my clock so early? I stretched, and then went into the bathroom, brushed my teeth, took a shower, etc. I exited the bathroom and went to my closet. "What to wear... Oh, wait it's Friday I have school, duh. School..." I really didn't like school, well, I mean who does, though? After I got dressed in my school uniform, which is a black skirt, a black long sleeve, sailor kind of top, with a red ribbon around my collar. I went into the kitchen and made myself some eggs, scrambled, and toast. I sat down at the table and read a novel while I was eating. Once I finshed I went back to my room, to grab my bag. When I found it, it had rips all on the front.
  4. 'Hmm, well the neighbors cat must have snuck in here again. But, if I remember correctly, I did lock all of the doors last night..' I thought to myself, it doesn't really matter, anyway, still useable. I went outside my apartment door, and locked it, just incase cats try to sneek in while I'm at school. I went down the elavator in my apartment building, since I'm on the 5th floor, it's a big building. Elvators had always creep me out since I was little. I thought, 'What if it collapsed? What if I fell? Would I be crushed?' I still haven't gotten over the fear, but it's lessened. Once I exited the building, and walked a considerable ammount, I met up with Sekai. Sekai is calming, and peaceful girl. She wouldn't do anything reckless what-so-ever. She had brown hair, a little past her shoulders, like mine, but it was a lighter color, she also had light colored blue eyes. I have pale green eyes, in a way, people sometimes think we're related because we look somewhat alike. But we're nothing alike.
  5. I went over to Sekai and talked to her. "Hello Fukōna, how are you today?" Sekai asked, in a her soothing voice. "Meh, well it's a Friday, and the weeks nearly over. I still don't want to go to school. But I guess I'm fine health wise," I replied, feeling tired. "Oh, well atleast we only have a half-day for an assembly, so it should go by fast," Sekai informed me, since I forgot it was a half-day. " Easy enough, I guess. The assembly is about the new kids that're coming, right?" I replied, thinking that today would be easy. "Yes, there are suppose to be six of them coming here. Think we'll befriend any?" Sekai asked. "Well, I'm not much of a social person, as you already know. But, if they seem interesting I'll consider befriending some." I smiled at the thought of getting new friends, Sekai also smiled. We chatted a little more about random things, then we met up with Kaito, he told us he's mom was sick. "Oh, what is she sick with?" Sekai asked, a sparkle of concern entering in her voice. "Yeah, we're not sure, it seems pretty bad though, I don't think it's contagious." Kaito told us. Sekai sighed, feeling a little relived that Kaito wouldn't get sick as well.
  6. Once we got to school we headed for the assembly hall. The assembly was for the new kids, to introduce them. Normally when there are newer students they don't tell us, they're just there. But, since there are six new students, they deicided to have an assembly. I think they just wanted to use the hall because it's pointless to have a giant room when it's never in use. Once the assembly started I inspected to see if there were an interesting people. I know it's not right to judge them on there looks, but that's only until I get to know them. Lucky for me they were each giving a breif introduction. They ones that looked like they'd be friend material for me were Seikatsu, and Mia. Since I don't like to have too many friends, I decided on to befriend Seikatsu. I hope she'd want to be my friend, because at school there were ugly rumors about me, which none are true. Once the assembly was over, everyone let out a sigh, because we'd been there for around an hour without talking, or anything. I asked Sekai if she thought Seikatsu was friend material. She agreed that she was, and we went over by her. I asked Kaito if he wanted to come before we went over, with us. "Actually, I have to go home and take care of my mom. So, bye." He told me and Sekai, we said goodbye, and went over to Seikatsu.
  7. So, uh, actually this is it. uhm, CLIFFHANGERNEZZ? I could write more, I'm just getting tired of typing and want to watch Ghost Hunters. Also, I hope you'll stay tuned for the rest of the series~ You can skip the rest...
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