Undieing love part 2

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This is nonseance now so do not read Why are you reading this. Stop reading now. Why must it be Monday why tell me why hey did you know that I denatured servants were people who agreed to be survants for like 3 years so basically they were slaves

Created by: xxemogirlxx111

  1. Recap: You woke up because you thought you heard someone crying you follow the sound and it leads you to a door. You quietly turn the handle and find Scarlet crying
  2. She doesent notice you so you sit right next to her "Scarlet" you whisper, she gasps and whispers to you "Esmeralda please forgive me for being so rude I just don't want you to go through the pain I've gone through", she stops to breath and continues " we have the power to save the world but we can also destroy it and because of that there are many people wanting to control the world and not many can be trusted" "Scarlet what have you been through ...... But if you didn't want me to be here then you did you and the guys bring me" you ask her" she responds "yes we brought you here but I was against it, but when we found you your family was being attacked by our enimies ......The Shadows" "so what happened to my fami-" " SHHHH Esmeralda we must not let my brothers hear us for they will only worry about me" " Matt Felix and Marth are your brothers" "yes ...... And as far as for what happened to you we don't know I'm guessing the reason that you lost your memory was because of a spell but I have no idea which one"
  3. " then what about my family are they still alive , where are they" you say " we know nothing about your family but it is very possible that they are alive for there were only two shadows and I also believe that your parents knew how to use their powers so at least one of your parent may still be alive if not then both" you smile at the the idea of your parents still being alive. You leave Scarlet in the room and got to sleep when you reach your room you notice that it is 5:00 am.
  4. You wake up and look in the closet hoping that they at least got you some clothes and yes there where clothes!!!!!!!! You grab a cool outfit (I don't know your style so just imagine ok) you go to the bathroom blah blah blah and finally trying to gather your courage after what happened yesterday, you know the crying and all, you finally go down stairs but the only one there is ........ Marth
  5. You start going back up the stairs because your mad at him " Esmeralda" says Marth. Your turn around and see that he looks really sad and depressed so since your feeling bad for him you decide to walk twards him. He suddenly hugs you and says " Esmeralda I'm sorry for the way I acted yesterday I didn't mean it I swear....... I just dint want to lose you" he stops hugging you and take you to the couch " Esmerald I don't show my emotions very much because I believe that the only get in the way but first I must confess that ....... I think...... That.... I'm um...." you get annoyed and he sees this " fine then I'll say it I think I'm falling in love with you" he trys to kiss you but someones at the door.
  6. Marth opens the door to see Matt Felix and Scarlet holding bags of stuff. You ask "what's in the bags?" Matt answers "some swords, bows,arrows, first aid stuff" "first aid stuff?" you ask " this time Felix answers "ya since you be training with Scarlet and using weapons we figured we might as well get some stuff in case you get hurt"
  7. " But Felix I thought you were a healer" you say "well ya I am but I'm not going to be here all the time and well .....um" scarlet interrupts " you see Esmeralda * she grabs a golden necklace with a red stone in the middle* if one of us were to have one of these on then we wouldent be able to use our powers, what would happen is that the necklace would take our powers away and depending on the situation we might die, but also is you get hurt, Felix leaves and if I were to wear this neacklace while training then we have no way of helping you"
  8. Felix says " I got to go are you coming with me Marth?" Marth answers "um yes I'll just get my stuff" you ask " where are you going" Matt answers "they are going to shinigami academy, it's a school for people with powers, well have to enroll you their after you learn the basics of your powers" you ask " how come you and Scarlet are bot going?" " because Scarlet and I take night classes, theyre less crowded and more fun" Marth returns and says goodbye and leaves with Felix, you notice that they are walking " is the school close to here" you ask " Scarlet answers this time " yes it's only passed the rose garden. You see that you can't even see the school " Scarlet how long is it from here to the school" " well it's about 5 miles, not much" you answer " THATS A LOT, YOUR KIDDING RIGHT" she responds " no I don't kidd, we should take you to at least see the campus but first, Matt why font you show Esmeralda around" Scarlet goes back up the stair to who knows were, while Matt takes you out side
  9. "Esmeralda how do you feel about all of this" asks Matt " if you mean about my powers then I don't know what to think I mean what does being warrior mean" you ask " it means you are faster stronger more flexiable and you have more endurance then regular humans" " that's cool but what do you mean by regular humans" Matt answers " look we are humans but not complete humans" you answer " interesting .....hey Matt where are your parents?" he suddenly looks sad and you think he's going to cry " Matt I'm sorry you dont have to answer" you say " well I want to answer ok ......so what happened was that we were told that our parents were king Alexander and Queen Amy Shinigami it was all confirmed by DNA tests and that's when we decided to rule over the underworld" "the underworld" you say " yes we are in the underworld"
  10. Matt continues " we are not on earth...... Oh I forgot about your memory loss, well you see on earth the sky is not black like here and there is way more people." you look at the sky for the first time during your stay their and notice gray clouds and the black sky, you also see a huge light that is very bright. You ask Matt about it " well the light is like the sun for us only it doesent weaken us" " what's a sun" you ask ( your not stupid you just don't remember anything but English basically) Matt answers " the sun is a huge star tha-" "what's a star" you ask "ok wait one question at a time, ok so the sun gives us light in the morning and as the world turns the sunlight goes to the other side of the world. But here when it starts to get dark on earth we start dimming the lights until it's night meaning when there us no light" (can't believe I wrote all of that from memory I'm such a nerd) " wow" you say "wow that's all I get you I should at least get some chocolate or something, I'm not exactally smart so for me to know all of that and explain it is amazing" says Matt, he starts walking away and says " Esmeralda you can stay here but you have to go back home before the turn off the light "why do I have to listen to you" you ask while sounding kind of rude " because unless you actually want to die I suggest you do as I say" says Matt. You can tell he was mad.
  11. This quiz is over you have no idea how much writing this quiz has done to my eyes I think I need glasses.........IVE ALWAYS WANTED GLASSES but what ever I got to do my homework now so who knows algrbra cuz it's hard when you don't pay attention in class

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