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  • Ok, this is scary... My bro and i were just talking about what we would do if zombies invaded. We were listening to the new Devil Wears Prada song "Outnumbered." Hehe. Oh, and my stepdad has like, an entire filled with guns, and ammo for all of them, i can shoot pretty well, and he owns a company so we have like, cement and boards in our garage, and enough food to last about three months. I think we would survive. Oh, and my stepdad is a scary good hunter. So... Come to my house if zombie's invade!!!!!

  • This is Tigerstar. I am from the warriors series, i have come to extract my revenge on the world! I killed dozens of cats with my ruthless serch for power, and it was fun! I now roam the dark forest, and am currently training the warriors of the dark forest to do battle on the world, but right now i will settle for annoying the crap out of everyone! hehehehe! If you like this and dont want to get brutaly slaughted in your sleep, then you will post this on ten quizzes or more. Just remember, im a cat, which means I can get in most places people cant, and I have extremly sharp claws that will rip your throat open. >:)

  • Tigerstar, i am a drragon so back off and stop being an itiot wannabe.

  • 88% chance! Whoo-hoo!

  • wild dragons dont exist u moron

    ur probley a 5 year old trying to acted cool loser...


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