Ultimate Matthew Espinosa Test

Try taking this 28 question quiz about Matthew Espinosa (Vine star) and see if you are a true Matthew Espinosa fan. At the beginning of this test, it is simple and easy but the more questions you get into, the more trickier it gets. (Depending on what the question is.)

Are you ready to take this ultimate Matthew Espinosa quiz? Are you willing to test your knowledge and see if you are a true Matt Espinosa fan? What are you waiting for? Take this test to see and find out if you are! Good luck! :)

Created by: Beautifultragedy
  1. What is Matthew Espinosa's name?
  2. When is his birthday?
  3. What state was he born in?
  4. Who is his celebrity crush?
  5. What is his favorite number?
  6. What state does he live in right now?
  7. How many siblings does he have?
  8. What is his sisters name?
  9. What is his favorite color?
  10. What is his jersey number?
  11. He has a dog named...
  12. What color are his eyes?
  13. What is his shoe size?
  14. What is his favorite shoe brand?
  15. True or False: Matt loves pickles.
  16. True or False: Matt hates bagels.
  17. True or False: Matt loves to travel
  18. Matt has a cat named...
  19. True or False: Matt is double jointed.
  20. True or False: Matt is friends with Justin Bieber.
  21. True or False: Matt hates reading.
  22. True or False: He is afraid of the sun and moon emoji
  23. True or False: Matt loves soda
  24. What are his favorite sports?
  25. True or False: He normally wears American Eagle underwear.
  26. True or False: Matt is the oldest sibling.
  27. What sports did he play?
  28. True or False: He got punched in the face at a party once.

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