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On the Internet there is a fine game: NationStates. If you play NationStates, you should easily get over 50% of this quiz right. We admit there are a few trick questions, but trick questions are standard operating procedure in the game. You should be used to that.

In NationStates, there is a fine region: Ulthar. If you have a nation there, you might score as high as 100% on this quiz if you take part in the life of the region. (The age and gender questions are required by this website and we don't care what you put there.) Good Luck!

Created by: Mayor For Life of City of Ulthar Forum
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  1. Professor Hell, AKA Badness Gracious, is grateful for and enjoy the fact that his posts on the Ulthar forum are sometimes linked to:
  2. If your NS nation Ceases To Exist, you can refound it if you recall the name and password. It is refounded in:
  3. Max Barry, the dude that makes NationStates possible, wrote the book Jennifer Government. Max got as excited as a school girl who discovered a picture of a penis in a biology textbook when:
  4. The feeders are:
  5. If you create more than one nation that joins the World Assembly, you are:
  6. Moving in and out of a region just to be annoying:
  7. Offsite region forums are:
  8. A puppet nation is:
  9. You can use the word Dickensian on a NationStates Regional Message Board as a literary reference but you can't refer to the last US Vice President as Dick Cheney because:
  10. NationStates moderators are:
  11. In Ulthar, not taking yourself too seriously means:
  12. The name of the City of Ulthar comes from the literature of an author, whose picture is the avatar used by Da Mayor on the forum. That author is:
  13. At cafe d'amour et psychedelica, you can find:
  14. Moe the Dumber is:
  15. If you get into a discussion with Ulthar's Philosopher in Residence, you will more often than not find him appealing to:
  16. Your nation's population grows:
  17. Your nation's major industries are:
  18. The guru of NationStates issues is New South Hell, AKA Badness Gracious. It is not a well kept secret that NSH has a crush on:
  19. Ulthar has so many Ambassadors because:
  20. Animal House is:

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