uhm, hey loser?

everybody has been teased and called names at some point.. but have you ever wondered why then pick on YOU more then everybody else. or are you striving to (or think you are) the most popular? are you really? i dont know yet.

mabye you dont know yet or mabye you DO know but you should take the quiz anyway just to make sure. and anyways the point is good luck. hope your not a loser. and if you are im truely sorry for you.

Created by: jaidjoe
  1. at the mall your sure to stop at:
  2. your fav. song out of these is:
  3. p.c. game??
  4. one pair of shoe brand you have out of these
  5. one way to desicribe your cell;
  6. right now you are wearing;
  7. if you had to pick one sport it would bee
  8. color/
  9. you get your music from;
  10. the last thing you watched on tv was?
  11. during class you?

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