are you a loser?

There are many losers,and many of you are probably losers, but what is a loser? A loser is somebody who is ugly, has no friends and no life, and nobody likes them.

Are you one of them? Do you not have any friends,or a life? Or are you super popular with tons of friends and everybody likes you. If you wanna know,then take the quiz and find out!!! ;-)

Created by: Josie
  1. Are you fat?
  2. Do you have alot of friends?
  3. Do you go out alot?
  4. Do alot of people tell you that your pretty or handsome?
  5. Do you own a pair of Coach shoes?
  6. Do you play alot of videogames?
  7. Do alot of people like you?
  8. Have you had alot of boyfriends or girlfriends?
  9. Are you scared to do anything wrong?
  10. What T.V. shows do you watch?

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Quiz topic: Am I a loser?