Which Naruto Character are you?

your'e a loser you look like a dumb person. so shut up your'e nothing but a loser. you lack all the intelligence that i have. so go there and cry to your mama.

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Created by: Brandon Michael Leung
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  1. If you were Orochimaru,and you fought with Naruto but you lost,will you be friends with him?
  2. If you were Naruto,what will you do if your friends are suffering from pain?
  3. You had a mission which is quite hard.But your 2 Teammates who were Jonins can't go because of their wounds.What will you do?
  4. You finished the mission.Suddenly,you saw your master dead,lying on the ground.What would you do?
  5. If you were Kakashi,would you help Naruto in training?
  6. Your master is commanding you to protect the Konoha Clan but you didn't.Suddenly,many of your friends died.What would you do?
  7. Which best describes you truly?
  8. Are you protecting?
  9. Are you respecting?
  10. Are you Obedient?

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Quiz topic: Which Naruto Character am I?