how uncool are you

i hope you werent offened by our quiz we were just bored and decided to make a quiz if you were offended then post a comment and were sorry. not haha loser sucker just kidding.. :)**

ok umm im think nerds are fine but if your a nerd haha.. loser, you should print loser on your forhead... just live on with life not that much of a nerd. me and my friend were popular. and if your a nerd dont act like a cool person..**

Created by: antonio
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. suspenders and pocket protecters?
  2. Big glasses?
  3. does your mom pick out your clothes everyday?
  4. do you play warcraft cpu games?
  5. do you have less then two friends?
  6. are you a straight A student?
  7. have you ever had a boy/girlfriend?
  8. do you have a collection of more then 100 starwars or any nerdy toys
  9. mtv or history channel
  10. are you a teachers pet

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Quiz topic: How uncool am I