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Hi and welcome to my sims 4 quiz. I love sims 4 and play it on and off alot currently i have 400+ hours in sims 4 and 400+ in sims 3. Both are great games and shouldnt be missed if you havent played them yet, but then again, what are you doing here :-)

Enjoy the Trivia and dont worry about getting everything right, there should be no stress about it and you should just relax and have fun. The result doesnt matter in the end, its all just fun and games :-)

Created by: Crackjack
  1. How many worlds did Sims 4 originally contain (BASE GAME)
  2. How many cakes is there within the game including all DLC's
  3. How many days does the adult stage take on default (Not young adult!)
  4. Where is the entrance to Sylvan Glade
  5. How many levels of Handiness does it require to enter the Forgotten Grotto
  6. Did Sims 4 contain half walls at launch?
  7. What is the secret aspiration in Sims 4?
  8. What happens if you leave trash on the dirt for too long?
  9. How many games can you play on the computer with 0 video game skills
  10. What is the name of the new world in the upcoming DLC (Island living)

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