How well do you know the Sims franchise

Do you love the Sims series? If you do then you should try this quiz. This quiz will show you if you are a true simmer or not. If you aren't then you've got some studying to do.

This test will put you through twelve questions, each will be about different things in the sims series. If you answer all of the questions (without cheating) then you are the ultimate simmer

Created by: Roro

  1. Who created the Sims?
  2. What was the first expansion pack for the Sims 3?
  3. When was the Sims 4 released?
  4. What was the first expansion for the Sims 2
  5. What is the max number of Sims aloud per household
  6. What life state was released in the Sims 3 Seasons
  7. What was the last world released on the Sims 3 store
  8. What stuff pack for the Sims 4 included the Voidcritters?
  9. What age group was not in the first Sims game?
  10. What was the second game pack for the Sims 4?
  11. What is the profession that was not in the Sims 4 get to work?
  12. What is the most iconic Sim family?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know the Sims franchise