What type of aspiration do you have?

Hey all! I'm sure that most of you guys have heard of the game, Sims. Recently, they released the Sims3 which comes with personality traits, but I've been focusing on the aspirations you get to choose in Sims 2 (with Nightlife Expansion Pack)

Now's your chance to find out what your aspiration would be as a Sim. Are you a fortune seeker, a little know-it-all wannabe, a passionate and romantic lover, someone who'd make a good parent, a friend seeker or a comfort loving con-artist? Find out now by taking the quiz!

Created by: Joshi001

  1. Which of these jobs do you think best suits you?
  2. What is your biggest want, besides your lifetime dream?
  3. What is your lifetime want?
  4. Which of the following words would most likely describe you?
  5. Someone you think is good looking approaches you. What do you do?
  6. What group of people do you fit in best with?
  7. What kind of school would you most likely want to get into, or wanted to get into as a child/teenager?
  8. You're running a business empire, a bit like Sir Alan Sugar. What do you think the best thing about this is?
  9. Where will you most like to spend your dream holiday
  10. Here's the final question. What sort of building would you most like to live in.

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Quiz topic: What type of aspiration do I have?