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This quiz is about who suites you better, Edward Cullen or Jacob Black. It has a cliff hanger so stay tuned. EDWARD EDWARD EDWARD EDWARD EDWARD EDWARD EDWARD EDWARD EDWARD LOL I love EDWARD!!!!!!! GIVE ME SOME SLACK THIS IS MY FIRST QUIZ.

A quick review on the boys. Edward Cullen- hot, genious buitiful eyes. Jacob Black- Cute, fun, outgoing and completely in love with you. EJ THAT;S A FUNNY NAEM LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL. I LOVE EDWARD!!!!!! LOL.

Created by: kaitlyn

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  1. Your name is Isabella Swan, and you have just moved from Pheonix with your Mum to Forks with your Dad. On the same day that you move into your Dad's house, his friend, Billy Black and his son Jacob come over for a visit. Jacob has long hair and smiles a georgeous smile when you walk outside to meet him. 'Hi, I'm Jacob, do you remember me?' he asks.You think...
  2. Suddenly, you notice the truck he's standing next to. 'Wow, that's an awesome truck!' you say. 'So what do you think?' asks Charlie.(Dad)'Huh? who's is it?' you ask. 'It's yours!' Billy exlaimes! 'your kidding!' you exlaim. You and Jacob go to take it for a test drive.
  3. On your fist day of school in Bio, you have to sit next to the most handsome and breath taking man you have ever met. You glance at him when you sit next to him and notice him leaning away as far as possible from you.
  4. At the end of the lesson he quickly hurries out of the room, and you think, 'Okay, that was a bit strange.' When you get home you cook dinner, and just before you fall asleep , you are thinking about....
  5. The next morning at school you notice that Edward Cullen isn't at school. The same happens th next day, and the next day, and the next, and the next......
  6. After about a month or two, he is at school again. In biology, you expected the same crap behavior he gave you the first Biology lesson but to your suprise, he introduces himself! 'Hello, my name is Edward Cullen. I'm sorry I was rude the other day, It was unexplainable behaviour.' he said. Then you noticed that his eye colour had changed. 'Um hello, my name is..' I began, but he interupted. 'Bella Swan?' he said with a smerk. How did he know I didn't like the name Isabella? 'How did you know?' I asked. 'I think everybody in the scool knows about you.' he said with another smirk. 'No, I mean how did you know I don't like the name Isabella?' I asked. 'Oh, I'm sorry, I simply called you that because that's the nick name of Isabella.' he answered. 'Did you get contacts?' you asked suddenly. He looked confused.....
  7. After school you go home and a boy you met from school is waiting. He's pretty cute, with Baby Blue eyes and spiked hair. He sees you and smiles. 'Hey Bella how's it going?' he askes. 'Great! But what are you doing here?' you ask. 'I wanted to know if you wanted to go to La Push and Jess and Lauren and Tyler and Nick?' he asked. All of those people are other friends from school. 'When?' you ask. 'Tomorrow morning.' he answered. 'Sure I will meet you there okay?' I said. 'Sure see you tomorrow.' and he walked away. You sighed. You never really liked the beach, but your Dad always said you needed to spend more time with your friends.
  8. On the reservation the next day, You meet Jacob on the reservation with other Quielite (I can't spell it.) guys. He asked if you brought any one else. 'No but she tried! She invited Edward Cullen and he turned her down. She has a crush on him!' Jess said slyly. Quickly I said,' No I don't I was being polite to a friend Jess.' One of the boys suddenly said, 'Th Cullens dont come here.' Later on you are going for a walk on the beach with Jacob when you ask, 'What did that boy mean, The Cullens don't come her?' you ask. 'Well, I'm not supposed to say anything about it...'
  9. One last quick question, Who do you like?
  10. He ythis is weird I am doing a few random quetions cause I did 11 questions and it said I haddent answered enough questions. What your fave food?
  11. LOL did you like this quiz?

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