Twilight, your romance (part 2)

This is part two of Twilight, your romance (part 1) well now it is part 2, it has seth, jacob, and the wolf forms in it. i hope that the fight will go well.

the questions include edward, seth, jacob, eric and mike, this time seth can be chosen as a answer, i hhope that you like my quiz as i had making it. enjoy :-)

Created by: Hinata

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  1. Ok so edward and jacob are both in the air, jacob is a wolf and edward is edward, you think, 'am i going crazy?' you think, you scream, they both look at you and stop fighting, jacob lookes at edward and he nods, "Ummmm, _______, can you not look for a second?" "Why?" you ask, edward looks at the ground and sarts hesatating, the wolf nuges edward and looks like it is in pain, "Ohhhhhh." you say, you cover your eyes until he is dressed.
  2. "What are you guys?" you yell, "Well... ummmmm look can we do this later?" "Yea _______ can we do it after school?" "No." "Fine, ill get strait to the point, I'm a vampire, and jacob is a werwolf. ok? happy?" you stair at them shoked.
  3. you go with jacob and you are driving in the car, "soooo, what have you been up to?" "Nothing." Jacob nods and he looks on the side of the road, there is a boy with black hair, "Hey look it's seth, lets go snd have a chat ok?" "Seth?"
  4. you walk up to him and he smiles, "Hey, who's your friend?" "This is ________, she feinted at school." "Pleaser to meet you." he kisses your hand.
  5. "Hey so what are you doing later _________?" "Nothing." "Well do you want to go out maybe tommorow night?"
  6. "great ill pick you up tommorow at 6pm." "Ummmm.ok" you head home and get ready for edward to pick you up, you get dressed into your best dress and then you hear a horn, you look out the window and there is edward in a tux with his mustang.
  7. you get into the car, "So did he phase in the car or when he got out? hehehe." he chukled, "What are you?" he stopped and went down a road you were unfermilure with, "Where are you going the restront is back there." "Change of planes." he said looking at the dirt path.
  8. he takes you onto a hill he gets out of the car and in a instent he was at your side, he pulls you out of the car,and drags you up the hill." "Where are you taking me?" he drops your hand, "Ok look, i want to show you what i really am ok try to punch me." you shrug and close your fist and swing, he disapeard, "Edward?" you hear rusteling in the trees.
  9. you hear growling coming from the bushes suddnly edward is at your side, you scream, "Shhh." he covers your mouth, "Somethings here." he crouches, he suddnly crincles his nose, "Wearwolf." "Jacob?" "Yea. probly spying." suddnly two wolfs jump out of the forest.
  10. the wolf lunges at edward, he lands on top of him, he nocks edward to the ground, edwardlet out a fowl growl, suddnly the wolf tears of edward arm and throws it into the bushes.
  11. sorry im going to have to leave it there.

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