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this is a girls only quiz. it is like what would happen if you got to choose your world and if your life was like isabella swan. if you want to hear more re the instructions in the next paragraph

how would you wind up. if you are one that critizises bella swan be careful what u think cause bad things could happen based on the way you answer the question! just answer them honestly if you want a good life. It is very very very fun!!! :)

Created by: Ava

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  1. You walk into class and edward is sitting next to you! He stares at you. do you say?
  2. you leave the room after class and edward follows you. His next class is with you. Emmet bumps in to you "who is this pretty young lady?" he says allowed!
  3. YOu all walk into the parking lot together trying to get to the gym, but a car goes out of controll and heads straight for you! yousee nothing but a flash of light! who do you want to be the one that saved you??!!
  4. You wake up in the emergency room! Carlisle (edward and Emmetts daddy) Is your doctor. you think he is into you! he looked your age! whadayado?
  5. All the boys in the family walk into the room asking if you are ok! Jasper is another brother! OMG this family is wonderful! :) But you have a bf already. whadayado?
  6. it is ladies choice for the dance tomorrow night. which boy do you ask?
  7. whoever you picked said yes and wants to take you out to dinner before the dance. you have a nice time with them... then the pop a question "So, do you like my brothers? they mean the world to me!"
  8. the dance has come and your date gets some punch and spills it on you new white dress! then he starts laughing!
  9. Im sorry. I was laughing about my brother! i just saw him fall of the dance stage!!! i am soooooo sorry i will pay for the dress! please forgive me!
  10. That was fun! we should hang out again! wanna come to my place tomorrow morning?
  11. when you are dreaming about the cullen family someone comes through your window! it is edward cullen! He says that he wanted to see you and that he couldnt wait untill when you came over tomorrow morning. then he sits on your bed and pulls you to his face and whispers "are you afraid" you say no and then he kisses you then stops
  12. you get up in the morning and find emmett sitting in ur window watching u! "I heard that were dreaming about my family! U said that Edward was really nice." then he smiles!
  13. "see ya soon"emmet said. minutes after he left You ran and got dressed as fast as you could. you went over the facts... you were dating Emmet cullen and the cullen family was made of vampires! where did that leave you?
  14. you walk into the house and emmet is giving you the tour! :) then Carlisle sends him to the store to buy you something to eat 40 mins away! that gives you a bit of time to explore the house. you are walking down the hallway when a door opens and jasper pulls you inside and starts making out with you!!! What do you do.
  15. when emmett gets back he says that he decided that he thinks it would not turn out well if u guys kept dating! then jasper asks if he can come over to your house to hang out tonight! you say yes and badabing u are already dating so he comes over and ur dad says why is there a scary year older then you jock in our bathroom.
  16. since jasper has been banned from setting foot in ur house he climbed through the window that night and you guys hung out for a bit, then he said can i stay here tonight? Emmett is gonna kill me cause i am dating his 4 hour ex!
  17. I will be fine, jaz said. "Besides... you look very tired. you should get some-" you stop him a to show him that you arent tired and kiss him... it worked. then he pulls you down to the bed and you are making out like crazy!!! what are you going to do tonnight?
  18. Edward calls at midnight when jaz is with you. you pick up and he says i am outside ur window. i wanna come in... are you descent? what do you say?
  19. you and jaz are going to a dance tonight. what are you going to wear?
  20. you walk up to him and he tells you that you look mouthwatering
  21. he was just joking... so what is your fave color?

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