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There are lots of Twilighters in the world. Twilighter can only mean one thing... they LOVE Twilight.They're addicted to it. BUT, there's only one question...

Are you a Twilighter? Taking this very simple quiz can help you find out, and guess what?Its free!!! Take this FREE quiz to see if you are a true Twilighter.

Created by: holly

  1. Who did Renee first marry?
  2. Who changed Jasper to a vampire?
  3. What was the desiease that killed Edward's parents?
  4. What did Carlisle treat Esme' for when she was young?
  5. What happened after Esme' had a baby?
  6. Who does Carlisle adopt to be Edwards wife?
  7. How long does it take Alice and Jasper to find Carlisle?
  8. Who is Victoria's new helper?
  9. Who does Sam leave for Emily?
  10. Where did the Cullens just move back from?

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