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Most people have heard about the Twilight series and many have got very much obsessed over it. This quiz is for you to see how close to a vampire you really are.

Are you ready to see how much vampire you got in you? Or maybe how in love you are in with the book Twilight. This quiz is 100% Twilight, let's see how good you do!

Created by: Mindy
  1. What is the name of the city Bella is moving to to live with her father?
  2. Who is the boy Bella notices and thinks a lot about?
  3. How does Bella feel the first day of school?
  4. What is Edward Cullen?
  5. What are Edward's sisters names?
  6. Who tries to kill Bella?
  7. What animal does Edward like to hunt?
  8. What is the game that the Cullen's like to play in thunder storms?
  9. Why does Bella flirt with Jacob?
  10. Where did Bella and Jacob first meet?
  11. What injuries does Bella have from James's attack?
  12. What color is Bella's prom dress?
  13. Why does Bella think her hand is on fire?
  14. Who first tells Bella that Edward is a vampire?
  15. What does Bella think Edward is going to do when he takes her outside during the prom dance?

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