Truth or Dare.. Take It Pt 2[by Flow Girl]

Hi guys I am back with "truth or dare... Take it pt 2" I worked on this quiz so hard because I wanted everyone to like it. For those of you who don't know me check out the pt 1 version of this quiz.

Are you familiar with truth or dare? Do you know how to play it? If you don't it really doesn't matter its easy just take this quiz it will guide you all the way through... Have fun?

Created by: flow girl
  1. Hi
  2. Do you know how to play truth or dare?
  3. Is there anyone with you at the moment?
  4. Are you exited to know what is coming up?
  5. I am out of questions.
  6. Are you having fun so far?
  7. So... Truth or dare?
  8. If you picked truth pick a letter.
  9. If you picked dare pick a letter.
  10. Did you have fun?

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