Truth or dare lol

This is a quiz about truth or dares. Are you brave enough to answer the truth questions? I'm pizza rocks and I have a pet dog and I rule do you rule cause I do

Take my quiz, please do it will be awesome I promise you, jelly, chocolate, chicken, orange, apple, celery, cucumber, green bean, grapes, pineapple, icecream.

Created by: Pizzarocks

  1. Truth or dare? Dare: shout cheesy melons REALLY loud out of the window. Truth: Have you ever got 1 in a test?
  2. Truth or dare? Dare: Eat a spoon full of butter. Truth: Have you ever pooped your self over the age of 7?
  3. Truth or dare? Dare: If you are in a house with your family or friends turn on their worst song and pretend you love it, sing and do actions. Truth: Have you ever fallen in love with someone online who you have NEVER seen before?
  4. Truth or dare? Dare: Mix water with milk and drink it. Truth: Have you ever broken a bone by doing something silly like falling of a toilet?
  5. Truth or dare? Dare: Start having a fit of laughter until someone asks you what's so funny, then suddenly stop say never mind and carry on what you are doing. Truth: Have you ever dropped your toothbrush down the toilet?
  6. Truth or dare? Dare: If you have a pet eat a bit of it's food. Truth: Have you ever eaten so much you were sick?
  7. Truth or dare? Dare: Put the Wheels on the bus on Youtube and sing along to it. Truth: Have you ever wished you were the opposite gender?
  8. I'm going to go now.
  9. Okay I actually am going to go in a sec, first did you enjoy it?
  10. And will you comment and rate?

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