Truth or dare 3!(Sophia)

I finally made a 3rd truth or dare with extreme truths and dares! Aren't I great? HI! Choose truth dare or something else. OK? Got it? Please take it!

Do you choose truth? Ok, do you choose dare? Or do you choose something else. There is a rapid fire and an extreme dare! The rapid fire asks you multiple questions.

Created by: Sophia
  1. Pick one.
  2. Choose a number unless you didn't choose truth or dare.
  3. Do you want a surprise attack truth or dare?
  4. I need at least 12 questions. Lets talk. The questions 6-12 don't count.
  5. Do you like truth or dare online?
  6. hbhldivb nvevt7nvt7br789fbnswpoisps
  7. peanut butter?
  8. cats or dogs
  9. Pick an emotion.
  10. What's 2+2?
  11. What's your name?
  12. If you want something else that is not truth or dare, do you want it to be truth or dare?

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