I Dare You, A Game.

Have you ever played Truth or Dare? This game is like that except you can only do dares. This quiz has a list of dares and if you do them you can coment and dare me to do 1 thing. please don't be to mean.

ONE time you may wimp out or chicken out. select that option and continue. Remember don't do this unless you are willing to follow the rules. See you soon.

Created by: AwesomeForever :)

  1. Alright lets start easy. But before you do make sure you read the first two paragraphs.
  2. Okay I dare you to go outside and yell, I AM IN LOVE WITH -----------.
  3. Okay I dare you to go in an empty room and srtrip naked and dance aroud singing for twenty seconds even if someone comes in.
  4. Drink 5 large cups of water.
  5. I dare you to get a diaper by whatever means necessary and wear it sometime this week.
  6. Now I dare you to put three ice cubes in your pants.
  7. Say the F word right now.
  8. Coment your crush's name and discribe her/him.
  9. I dare you to pee yourself right now despite where you are just let it out.
  10. Comment your most embarrassing moment.
  11. I dare you to coment and rate.
  12. did you like this quiz?

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