Truth Lies......

Umm... Your name is Jessica, you are starting middle school in Florida, and you just moved there from Wisconsin. You don't know anybody, and most people are nice.

I decided to make a new quiz series. Ok, so, a person is telling this story of their own life, so it says stuff like: "Blah, blah." So and so said to me. So, yeah. I hope you like the quiz!

Created by: MeIsMe

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  1. I was getting tired of running from the truth. But, sometimes, to tell the truth, people have to lie. It's my first day of seventh grade, at a new middle school, a quarter into the year. I get to my locker, grab my science books, and walk into the office to ask where Mr. Pullman's science class is. A girl with short curly blonde hair walks up to me. "Are you new here?" She asks me. The girl sticks her hand out. "I'm Grace." She says. I slowly shake her hand. "I'm Jessica." I say, moving my black bangs out of my bright blue eyes. Grace is in pink heels, a red mini skirt, and a black v-neck longsleeve. I can tell by looking at her that I'm probably gonna hate her. "You need to go to science?" She asks me. Grace leads me out of the office. She turns to me. "Look, Rebecca-" I cut her off. "It's Jessica." I say with a smirk. "Whatever. Look, Jessica. You're pretty. That's not good. Stay out of my way, and I won't squish you like a bug." She says, walking off with her friends. "Wait," I hear her say. She walks back over, and slaps my books out of my hands. "Oops." She says, grinning. A boy with a black hat on(not like a baseball hat), dark blue jeans, and a dark red shirt on walks over and grabs my book. "Just ignore Grace. She's a bit**. Beleive me, I dated her." He says to me. "Thanks. I'm Jessica." I say, smiling at the boy. "Oh, sorry. I'm Justin." He says to me.
  2. "Well, where were you going before the wicked witch of the west came over?" Justin asks me, laughing. I smile, and say science, Mr Pullman. "Oh! I heard he's the worst. he worked at the highschool, I guess. My sister was in his class, and she came home with double the amount from that class, more than any other class." Justin finishes. "Are you going there too?" I ask him, peeking at his paper. "Yup." He says. "Well, we can suffer together." I say, laughing. He laughs too. "Come on. Let's go." I say, walking infront of him. I see Grace in the hallway. "Well, if it isn't the slu-" Grace shuts up when she see's Justin. I know why she almost said that. My sister is in fifth grade, and picked out my outfit, a blue spagetti strap under a black leather mini coat, that goes just to the top of my ribs, and black boots that lace up with a red shoelace that go up to my knees, and a pair of skinnyjeans. "Oh, did you look in the mirror again?" Justin asks Grace, laughing. A girl behind Grace begins to laugh. "Shut up Hannah!" Grace yells at her. "Just kidding, Jessica's prettier than you." Justin says. Grace's group is all laughing now. I don't know what to say. "Are you gonna let him talk like that?" Hannah asks in her annoying high voice. Grace glares and walks away.
  3. Justin leads me to science,math, and language arts, then it's lunch. "You can go sit with your friends." I tell him. He just scrunches up his nose, and shakes his head. "Nah. If they want to sit ext to me, they can. Sorry about Grace though. She was NOT like that last year." He says, motioning with his hands. I pull out my iPhone5, and text my sister. thx Lindz. "Who's Lindz?" Justin asks, looking at my phone. "My sister. She's starting fifth grade today. Do you ride a bus?" I ask him. I can tell that he wants to ask more question, but he bites his lip. "Yeah. 20. Our bus driver is awesome!" He says. Once he's done talking, he bites his lip. "My sister and I have to ride that bus." I tell him, smiling. After lunch, Justin takes me to P.E. "So, class. We're going to learn how to wrestle." Mrs. Lloyd says. The boys all whoot and hollar. "Girls on this side. We won''t be doing WWF type wrestling." All of the boys laugh. A boy raises his hand. "Yes?" Mrs. Lloyd asks him. "It's WWE." The boy says, matter-of-factly. After PE we have a couple more classes, then it's home. "Hey, Jessica, wanna meet at the library later?" He asks me. I text my mom, and give him a thumbs up.
  4. "What time do you want to go to the library?" He asks me. "I don't care. Just make sure that Grace isn't anywhere near us." I say, seriously. "I will. Now, let's go." He says. Justin still hasn't let go of my hand, and I haven't let go either. As we're walking to the library, my sister runs up behind me with a girl with blonde hair, and green eyes. My sisters brown bangs are in her blue eyes. "Jessica!" Lindzay yells. I turn around, and so does Justin. "Who is this?" She says, looking at our hands. We both jerk our hands away from eachother.
  5. "A boy." I snap at Lindzay. "No duh! This is Allison." She snaps back. "This is Justin." I say sweetly. "See you at home. Bye!" Lindzay says, still snappy. "I love you too!" I yell to her. "Sorry about her." I say to Justin. Allison sprints after Lindzay. "LINDZAY! WAIT UP!" Allison yells. Justin and me laugh. We both look up and see Grace. She is walking with a boy in my homeroom. "Really? She calls him a nerd!" I say to Justin. Grace hears, and looks at us. Her and the boy walk across the street to us.
  6. "Hey, Jessica." The boy says, darting his eyes down, and blushing. "Hey, Colter, right?" I ask him. "Yeah. I'm in your homeroom." He says, still blushing. Grace is clearly irritated. "Hi Justin." Grace blurts out. Justin tries to say hi, but all he could say is: "Eugh!" Justin, me, and Colter all laugh. "Hey, Justin. Want to go play basketball?" Colter asks. Justin nods, and they run off, leaving Grace and me alone. "Grace, why do you hate me? I've only known you for a day." I say to Grace. "Because, you are a threat to me." She says, glaring at me. "You are pretty, and could be popular. More popular than me." I laugh. I'm the oppisite of pretty. I have black straight hair down to the middle of my back, bright blue eyes, and I have a tan, because we live in Florida.
  7. "You are pretty!" Graxe yells. Just then, Colter and Justin come over. "You are." Justin and Colter say at the same time to me. Justin shoots a glare at Colter, and Colter's eyes dart to his feet. "And, you're dating my ex-boyfriend!" Grace yells. "We're NOT dating!" Justin and I yell at the same time. "Whatever. Not what it looks like, then." Grace says, putting her hands up. "Bye." Colter says, blushing. "See ya." Grace says, smiling at Justin. They walk away, and Justin turns to me. "That Colter guy likes you." He tells me, clenching his teeth. "And, Grace likes you." I say,
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