True Heart and Magic ~Part 7~

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Created by: StarMaya
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  1. Recap:You had your birthday and had an incident... Then you went to go get a drink with Justin when you felt yourself get pulled into the shadows. Justin went to go get the guys and saw that someone had you and a knife was at your stomach...
  2. You started breathing pretty hard because he has a hold of your hair and you can feel a sharp blade against your stomach. The guys start walking toward you. "Don't move!" yells a human looking person but has red eyes. He pulls on your hair harder and you yelp a little. "What do you want with _____?" Says Cody, looking furious. "I want to kill her. Sabrina has a hold of my family and won't let them go unless I kill her." Says the demon. You think for a moment and look at the guys. You nod at him and say,"What did she say she'll do if you didn't?" He relaxes a little and says,"She'll do unexplainable things. I love my family and I will do anything for them, Even kill you." He says as he grips your hair tighter and pulls the knife closer. You take a breath and continue. "She killed my family as well and I wanted to kill her but these guys stopped me. If you let me live, we can kill her together." He lets go and you run to the guys. Zack takes you up the stairs and makes sure your not hurt. The Demon looks angry and disappears as a poof of smoke flies up.
  3. The guys look around and see nothing. The guys turn their attention to you and make sure your ok. "Guys, I'm alright." You look at them and smile. The guys nod and take you back upstairs. You reach your room and sigh. "I'm not a normal girl." "No, your not. Your better." You turn around and see Cody standing there. "Sh#& Cody, you have to knock you know." He laughs and apoligize. You lay in your bed and look at Cody as he sits in a chair. "Your turn to watch me?" You say as you sit up. "Yup." He says as he laughs. "I feel like an injuried puppy instead of a human." He laughs and goes by your bed. He sits on the bed and you lay down on his lap. He starts moving your hair when your window swings open. You jump and Cody seems startled because his heart skips a beat.
  4. He laughs and gets up to close it. You are about to get up when you feel yourself paralyzed and hear a whisper. You don't know who it is but all you hear is Love! You feel a pain by your side and a kiss on the cheek. The pain diappears and so does the voice. You look at your side and you hear Cody say,"Hey, What's wrong?" You look up at him and you have a scared look on your face. He notices this and says what happened. "When you went to close the window, I heard a voice say something and then I felt a pain in my side and he kissed me on the cheek." You look surprised and so does he.
  5. Your about to same something when the window swings open again but this time, shattering the glass. You duck from the explosion and Cody blocks you. The guys hear this and come running in. "What happened?" Says Jake with fire in his hand. They see you and Cody and come to help you guys. They look at Cody and see no scratches or cuts but when they turn to you, they see you frozen in your spot. The guys wave their hand in front of you and see that you were paralyzed. They take a closer look and see that a piece of glass was stopped right before it hit you. They take the glass and put it down and you come back to life. You gasp and ask what happened. "You were saved before you could get hit by the glass." Says Justin as he shows you the glass. You touch it and a light comes from it. The guys notice this light and pull you away from it.
  6. You look at he guys and ask what? "That piece of glass can take your powers away." You get up and look at the guys. "Great! I have many people trying to kill me 24/7 and on top of that you guys can get hurt or possibly killed and I can't do anything about it except if I kil..." The guys stop you right there and take you to bed. "Maybe, you just need some time alone." Says Zack. You look at them with a confused face. "I thought you guys wanted me to be watched like a little puppy." The guys laugh and you cross your arms. Justin clears his throat and starts talking."Well, I learned that I can make a force field around someone and make it last for a day. The only I have to do is make sure I don't get killed." You shudder at the idea of the guys getting killed. You nod but say to do it next week because you need to get some practice in. The guys smile and agree to the plan. You lay down as the guys leave but you see the sun rise and peak over the mountains, turning the skies purple. You love the view and decide to go over to the window and look at it. You hear someone walk up behind you...
  7. You feel the person wrap his arms around your waist and sway you back and forth. You hear the guy whisper,"I'll always love you and will be watching you." You smile and look back and realize that it's not any of the guys. You get scared and push the guy backward. The guy laughs and introduces himself. "I'm Troy and i'm your true love." You look at him as if he was crazy. You look at him and see that he has baby blue eyes and spiked brown hair. He has a smile that makes your heart melt. You stay silent as the sun rises. The sun shines into your room ad he starts to disappear, like a shadow. You stare as he is completely gone and you think about what he says. You start to walk toward where he was when you start to feel weak.
  8. You look around and see that the whole room is spinning when it suddenly stops. You fall to the floor and get back up as fast as you can. You hear footsteps toward your door and see Zack open your door. "You ok?" He says as he looks around the room. "ya why?" You look at him with a fake confused face. He smiles and shakes his head. "Breakfest will be ready soon." Says Zack as he closes the door. You nod and smile and as soon as the door closes you feel yourself get dizzy. You hold onto your closet door and try really hard not to fall. It stops and you feel a pain in your side. You look at your hip to see nothing. It feels like you were stabbed into the side.*hint hint*. You shake your head and get changed. You brush your hair and teeth and exit your room. You start to walk down the hall when you feel yourself being pushed.
  9. You hear a door open and see Jake come out of his room. He sees you on the floor and help you up. "What happened?" He says "Idk, It felt like I was pushed." You and Jake look around and see nothing. He helps you downstairs and the room starts spinning. You stop and you see Jake look at you. He can see that your hurt, somewhere. The room stops spinning and you blink and shake your head. "You ok?" Jake says as he grabs your hand. "Ya, The room just started spinning." You say He stops and looks at you. "Like in the Wizard of Oz?" He says as he laughs. You laugh and nod. You walk into the kitchen to see the guys laughing for the first time. You smile and they see you. They smile and give you a group hug. You hug them back and ask what that was for. "It's the first time something isn't wrong with you." Says Zack. You laugh and get breakfast. What do you get?
  10. You sit down and make jokes with the guys. *I don't know any good jokes so I won't even try.* You finish your breakfast when you feel the pain in your side. You keep walking but grip your hip. Justin notices this and walks with his dish over to the sink and you. "What's wrong with your hip?" You frown and say you have no idea. He looks into your eyes and his eyes get wide. You look in confusion. He walks away fast and talks to the guys. The guys look toward you and smile. You walk out of the kitchen and go to the pool. The guys follow you. You reach the pool and the pain stops. You put your feet in the pool and sing. The guys jump in the water and pull you in. You laugh and they each look into your eyes. They smile and go to Justin. You Go under water and sit there. You sing to yourself. The guys finally move and look for you. Cody goes underwater and sees you singing. You wave and he smiles. He goes to the top and so do you. The guys are on the chairs relaxing. You decide to get out as well. You tell them your going to get some water. They nod and as soon as you sent foot inside the house...
  11. You feel the pain in your side again but this time you fall to the floor. The guys rush over to you and help you up. Justin sees that your hip hurts again. He frowns and tells the guys to look into your eyes. You look at them and their eyes get wide. The pain disappears and you stand up. They set you down onto the couch and get you water. They get ice and look at your hip for brusises or cuts and see nothing. They look at each other confused. They look at you and they see that your really pale. They touch your forehead and you were burning. You don't see much but you feel yourself being picked up and carried. You feel the sunlight in your face and yourself being lowered into the water. You fall through and the normal water bubble comes around you. You still feel very weak and the water mkaes a big wave. The guys back up and you come out of the water. You feel yourself being set down very slowly and touch the concrete floor. You were barely breathing...
  12. The guys come over to you and see that you were barely hanging on. They look at each other in sadness. They take you to the lab and you feel your dress come onto you but this time it's white. Zack looks at you and sets you down on the couch. You open your eyes and see the guys. They were all sad. "What you guys?" You say as you started sitting up. "______, Your dying." Says Cody. You look at him in sadness and stand up. "What? What do you mean?" You look down and see the white dress. You feel the pain in your hip again and the guys set you down onto the couch. You look at them. A tear sheds from your eye. The guys wipe it and say that there is only one person that can save you. You look at them and look down. A bright light comes from your hip and the guys look down. You look at them and you feel yourself cry. You look ahead and see your mom and Troy. The guys see this to and look at Troy in jealousy. Your mom and Cody seem to be talking between minds. You look at them and he nods as a tear rolls down his cheek. He looks at you and he cries. You wipe the the tears away. You feel a pain again and feel your life being taken away from you. You feel yourself fall into sleep. The guys look at you and cry. Your mom disappears with Troy. The Cody explains the rules to the guys. They nod. You feel your self being picked up. The sky turns cloudy and a stairway opens up. The guys look up the stairway and see that it leads into the clouds...
  13. They start walking up the stairs. It doesn't take long when they see your mom at a gate. She looks at the guys and they look down at you. You look lifeless. Your mom picks you up and nods at the guys. The guys start to walk away when you feel yourself wake up. You look at your mom and she smiles. You smile back and see yourself back at the house. The guys were just walking into the house when you arrived. They looked sad. You were behind them. You put a hand on Jake's shoulder. He feel sit and turns around. He sees you and he hugs you. He looks into your eyes and sees your wings. The time has stopped. "I love you." He kisses you and cries. You kiss him back and look at him. You touch his heart and a glow comes from your hand. A Charm then shows up on his hand. He looks at it and smiles. It was a carving of a angel. A tear rolls down his cheek. You wipe it and say, "I'll always be in your heart." He smiles and hugs you. He holds on for a while before you disappear. He sees this and turns back around. He looks in his hand and sees a wood carving of an angel. He smiles and walks into his room.
  14. You see Cody walk into the lab and sit at his computer. He puts his head in his hands and starts crying. The time stops. He kneel by him and wipe his tear. He looks up at you and hugs you. You hug him back and he looks into your eyes. You smile and he smiles back until he sees your wings. He looks down and a tear falls to the ground. You tilt his head to look at you. He leans in and kisses you. You kiss him back and he stops. He says I love you. You smile and touch his hand. A light comes from your hand and a girl carving gets in his hand. He looks at it and it looks like you. "I'll always reach for your hand." He smiles and you touch his cheek. You then disappear.
  15. You see Justin go to the attic and sit at a piano. He starts playing and while he does that, he cries. You sit by him and play with him. He sees you and hugs you. The time stops. He whispers I love you and kisses you forehead. You smile and touch his necklace. *Yes, He was wearing a necklace before.* You hand glows and a carving of a little girl goes on his necklace. He looks at it and looks into your eyes. "I will see you again." He smiles and you hold his hand. You then disappear. He looks at the necklace and see that it looks like you when you were little.
  16. You see Zack go into the forest and sit by a tree. He looks like he wants to cry but he holds it in. A light comes from the sky and the time stops. He looks toward the light and see you stepping out of it. He runs toward you and hugs you. He steps back and looks at you. You smile and he kisses you passionatly. You kiss him back. He stops and whispers, I love you. You smile and touch his lips. A light comes from your hand and a carving of a water drop goes onto his hand. He looks at it and looks back at you. "Don't cry. Think about me." You smile and he hugs you. You feel a tap on your shoulder and see a little girl and see that's it's your little sister. You smile and pick her up. You look at Zack who is smiling. You wave and so does your little sister. The light disappears and so do you.
  17. Zack,Justin,Cody and Jake all look at the carving and walk right into each other. They look gazed as the carvings fall on the floor. They look at each other. You arrive back at heaven and put down your sister. You see your dad hugging your mom and you brother Jack playing with the clouds. Jack looks up and sees you. "______!" He runs to you and hugs you. You pick him up and kiss his forehead. Your dad hug you and says,"I missed my little girl." A tear falls down your cheek and you smile. You family does a group hug. The guys pick up the carvings and look at each other. They look at Jake's and put his on the top of the table. They look at Cody's and smile. They place his underneath the angel and a light comes from the carvings. You glow and see the guys. The guys see you and hug you...
  18. They pull back and see your wings. They sigh and look down. "Guys I don't have much time so I just ned to tell you this." The guys look up and look into your eyes. You go to Jake and touch his chest."Listen to your heart." You go to Cody and touch his hand."Work together." He smiles. You go to Zack and touch his lips."Don't fight." He laughs and you smile. You go to Justin and touch his necklace."And i'll be back. You look at the guys and say,"Whenever you get on of those carvings placed right, I will come back and give you another message. "Why don't you give us the message now?" Says Justin. "You guys want to see me again right?" The y nod and look at you as you start to fade away. You wave and disappear. The guys go back to the table and work on the other carvings. You arrive back at the clouds and see Troy there. He comes toward you and looks into your eyes. "Why do you like those guys so much?" "Cause they love me and they are great people." You start to walk away when he grabs your arm. "______, i'm your true love, not them." You escape from his grip and say,"How should I know that your me true love? Maybe I love one of them. Maybe I don't love anyone. How do you know? I don't even know you." You walk away and feel his gaze on you. You shudder but keep walking.
  19. The guys wake up and each of them go to your room to see if it was a dream. Your not there. The guys walk down the stairs and eat breakfast. As soon as there done, they work on the carvings. You wake up and go to the dining room table and see a whole lot of angels. You feel akward and your mom sits by you. "What's wrong sweetheart?" You look at your mom and say that there's a lot of angels here and that you just feel akward. "Well they all started like you. Got found and killed by Sabrina." You gasp and look at how many angels there was. There was at least 100. You look down and say that Sabrina is not going to kill another person. She smiles and says that she'll help you. The angels look at you and seem to hear your conversation. They all start saying and me. You smile at them and say thanks. The guys look very confused on how the carvings are supposed to fit. They pick up the little girl carving and look at the details. Cody jumps out of his seat and grabs the little girl carving and places it by the angel. It glows and you show up. You look at the guys and they smile. You hug them and you look at the carvings. You smile and nod. The guys hive five each other and you disappear. The guys pick up the water drop and look at it. You arrive back at the clouds to see your mom waiting. "______, The boys are very close to getting the pieces in the right spot and when they do, you can go back to them as human." You smile and hug her. You feel a tap on your shoulder and see your sister with a smile on her face. "Can you play tag with me?" You smile and start to chase her when you pick her up and spin her around. She looks into your eyes and frowns. "I'm going to miss you _____." She looks at you with watery eyes. You smile weakly and say,"Hey, you'll see me again and you can visit me in my dreams." She smiles and nods a lot. You kiss her cheek and she jums out of your arms. "TAG!!" She runs away and you start chasing her when you bump into someone. "Sorry." You look at the person and see it's Troy. "It's ok. Don't you want to go get her?" He says as you laugh. "Nah, she can run a while. She'll make it around and then i'll get her." He laughs and hugs you. You let him hug you and you smile. "I'm glad your with me now." He smiles in his eyes. "Well actually the guys are working on a way to get me back so I won't stay long." He frowns and looks toward the guys who was pretty close to putting a piece down when you see Troy disappear. You whisper no and disappear.
  20. "Are you sure that it goes there?" Says Zack. "Ya i'm pretty sure." Says Cody. They were about to place it done when the piece was knocked out of his hand. "What the He...?" Says Jake when he gets thrown against a wall. He gets knocked out. Troy picks up Cody and throws him against the same wall. He look up at Troy and wakes up Jake. The guys are all standing now. Troy holds up his hand and points it at Zack and Justin. They stand still and a Blue light comes out of his hand. The guys turn but to feel nothing. They look back and see you standing in front of them. Your hands are spread out wide and your eyes are mad. "Troy stop!" He hears you and stops. You look pissed. "_______! Get out of here!" Says Troy. You go up to him and place your hand on his chest. You see his eyes get big and you throw him against the wall. He hits the wall hard and is out. The guys run to you to make sure your ok. "Ya I'm fine but you guys need to go out to the pool." The guys nod and run out there. Your mom comes out and protects the guys. You start to walk toward there when you feel someone grab your arm. You turn around and see Troy holding something in his hand. You see that it's a knife.
  21. You scream and your mom waves her hand. The time stops. She taps the guys shoulder and they move. "Go help ______ but the time has stopped so be careful." The guys nod and run back into the house to see Troy with a knife in his hand which is pretty close to your chest. You're screaming and closing your eyes. Troy has sadness in his eyes. The guys freeze and take the knife out of Troy's hand. Jake and Zack grab Troy and take him outside to your mom and Cody and Justin check for scratches. They see none and look into your eyes. They can see the fear and sadness in your eyes. Your mom has Troy now by the wings and she resumes time. You fall into the guys arms and gasp. You look around and ask what happened. "Just come with us." They take you to the pool and you see your mom with Troy who is squirming. You see two other angels come by and take Troy. They disappear. You look at your mom and she says that she can stop time with her mind and unfreeze anyone she taps. You nod and the guys look sad as you walk toward your mom. "You guys can do it. And I'm right here." You point to your heart and disappear with your mom. The guys look at each other and smile. They walk back to the kitchen where the pieces are.
  22. You arrive back to see Troy with the two angels. You approach Troy and he has sadness in his eyes. "Why Troy?" You ask with anger in your eyes. "_______. You can't leave me. The guys are going to take you away from us." You look at the crowd and look back at him. "They can handle themselves without me." You look around and smile. The angels smile and walk away. "Take him away." You say as you walk toward your mom. "No! ______ Please! I'm sorry!" You shake your head and turn away. Your mom takes you to the edge of the cloud and see a glow come from the mansion. Your mom smiles and disappears.
  23. The guys smile as the light shines. There's a glow from the pool and the guys run over there to see your mom standing there. The guys walk over and she's smiling. "You guys did great! Congratulations!" The guys look confused. "Your award is in there." She points toward the mansion. The guys look back at your mom to see that she's gone. The guys run to the mansion to see nothing. Your mom comes back to the clouds and gives you a hug. "Be careful sweetie." You smile and say I will. The rest of your family comes over and gives you a hug. The angels come and give you a hug. "I'll kill Sabrina for you guys." They laugh and say that they will help. Your siblings come over and give you a charm. You hug them and see a glow. You watch as you see the clouds and angels disappear. They all wave and then you see the hallway in your house. You look on your back and see your wings disappear. You're back to normal.
  24. You look over the edge of the stairs and see the guys looking between the couches. You laugh and smile. "Guys you hear that?" Says Cody as he stops looking. "It sounded like _______." Says Jake as he looks down. The guys hold a moment of silence. "You guys are big dorks." The guys freeze and say you name. "Guys i'm up here." You say as you laugh. The guys look up at the stairs and see you standing there. "________!!!!" The guys run toward you and group hug you, almost tackling you to the ground. "AHHHH!" You yell. The guys get off of you and smile. You smile back and Zack picks you up like normal. You laugh and he takes you downstairs. He puts you down on the couch and sits by you. The guys come around you and smile at you. The stare at you for about 10 minutes before you say,"Guys, your creeping me out." The guys laugh and get up. They help you up and take you to the pool. They all jump in but you stay out of the pool. The guys see you sit in a chair and close your eyes. The guys get out silently and pick up your chair. You don't feel anything until you feel your chair tilting. "GUYS WHAT ARE YOU DOIN...?" You fall into the pool and the guys laugh. You come to the surface and bend water to push them in. The guys surface and you just laughed. You guys swam forever and had so much fun and we you and the guys got out, you laid down by the guys and close your eyes. You wake up to see a glow coming from the fence.
  25. You cover you face and see a flower glowing.(Kinda like the Sun flower from Tangled.) You feel a pull from the flower. You get up and walk toward the flower. You kneel by it and hear your name. You don't pay attention to your name and keep walking toward it. "______! Don't!." Says Jake. He runs toward you and picks you up.
  26. Just as he picks you up, you get poked by a thorn in the flower. You feel yourself eing set downas you grip your hand. "Let me look at your hand." Says Jake. You show him your hand and he cusses a little. The sun starts to rise but he's blocking your face from the flower. Yu hear theguys wake up and gets scared. "What's going on?" Says Justin. "Guys I need you to get scissors and cut that flower but DON'T TOUCH IT!" The guys run inside and you start to cough. "Tell me where it hurts." Says Jake as the guys run out with scissors and cut the flower. The flower dies instently and you relax a little. You clear your throat. "My throat's a little dry and I-ii-ii-i-ii-ii-i-ii-i." You stutter out. The guys come over to you and Jake holds you. Cody sees the thorn and tells the guys to take her to the lab. You feel yourself being picked up again and rushed inside. Your stillholding your hand. You open your mouth to say something but nothing comes out. You feel yourself being set on the bed and you hear the familiar beeps. You open your eyes but only for a second because Cody puts a mask on you to make you fall asleep.
  28. Who do you love? *Nudges* Come on tell me.

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