True Heart and Magic ~Part 6~

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Welcome to 'True Heart and Magic ~Part 6~'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really hope you guys like it! I put a lot of time into this! Please comment and rate!!

SHOUT OUTS!!! THANKS FOR TAKING MY QUIZ... wuzzi, AiFiahK3mE, xxblutixx, Alexandra_18o, Alex13writer, nonchalontly, Irenemarleen, qapsie, and pieiscool1. Enjoy the quiz!

Created by: StarMaya

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  1. Welcome to Part 6!!!! Wow! It's Part 6 already! ok, well... You were kidnapped by Zeke and brought to Sabrina and you won't tell the guys your birthday... Why?
  2. "What do you want Sabrina?" You glare at her trying to escape Zeke's grip. "All I want is the Water kingdom, your voice and well... you!" Says Sabrina, Walking toward you. She grips your face and squeezes. You pull away and glare at her. "If you let me have those things, then I won't kill your family." Your eyes go big and look toward where she's pointing. You see your family smiling at the park. You see your little sister Amy on the swings, You brother Jack on the slide and your Dad reading. The image disappears and you look away with tears in your eyes. You blink and a tear streams down your cheek. Sabrina comes by and wipes your cheek. "So what would it be? You or your family?" You look up at her and open your mouth. You start to talk when you hear a crash behind you.
  3. You all look that way and see the guys standing there. Jake has fire in his hands. They look pissed. "_______!" And they start running toward you. You feel Sabrina tug on you and you fly into her arms. She wraps her arms across your chest. She holds something over your head. You look up and see a silver glow above you. "Come closer and i'll put this on her." The guys look in confusion and ask with the Hell it is. "You don't want to know." She says making the glow bigger. You look at the guys and they look like they have a plan. You look in confusion and Sabrina grabs tighter. The glow gets bigger but you feel something around you.
  4. You feel yourself being lifted into the air and toward the guys. You realize that Justin put a force field around you. You land on the ground and the guys hide you behind Zack. Sabrina looks mad and the silver glow disappears. You look in shock and you thought she would fight more. You again feel yourself being lifted but this time, being thrown into the wall. You slam against the wall and hard!
  5. You start to wake up and the guys are fighting Sabrina. Once again Sabrina is winning because she's throwing guys against the wall. You get up and start singing a lullaby. It's so calm that Sabrina falls to the ground, sleeping. The guys look at you in amazement and grab your arm and run you out. As soon as you get to the door, you feel something behind you. You look behind you and see nothing...
  6. You feel yourself being picked up and you scream a little but you realize that Zack is carrying you. "Why you carrying me?" you say in confusion. "Because something was calling you in your mind and you were getting distracted." He says. "oh..." you say blushing. You guys reach the mansion and enter the door. You look around and sigh. "Well that wasn't fun." Says Justin. You laugh and sit on the couch. The guys sit around you and you start to watch TV. You realize that your birthday is coming. You stand up and the guys look at you. "What time is it?" You ask. "It's 11:30 pm." Says Cody. You freeze and excuse yourself to your room. You run to your room and get into bed fast.
  7. You wake up to hear a chair moving. You gasp and look around. "_______, it's ok. It's me Jake." You sigh and ask what's he doing. "I'm watching you to make sure nothing bad happens." "oh ok." You lay back down and realize the time. You sit up fast and look around for a clock. "What?" Says Jake. "What day is it?" you ask with worry in your eyes. "December 11... Why?" He says. You stare at him and you lay back down. You close your eyes and a tear rolls down your cheek. You hear the chair move fast and Jake kneel by your bed. He wipes the tear away. "_______, What's wrong? Your crying." You open your eyes and wipe some more tears away. "It's nothing." You say laying back down. You can tell he's not convinced. You open your eyes and fake smile. He fake smiles back. You close your eyes and drift off into sleep when you feel yourself being picked up. You feel a warmth and you eyes open. You look up and see Jake playing with your hair with worry in his eyes. You close your eyes and fall asleep.
  8. You wake up to hear talking. "How was she?" Says Zack. "um... fine i guess." Says Jake. "What do you mean?" Says Zack. "Well, she started crying and she won't tell me what's wrong. It was when i said what day it was." Says Jake They look at you and start talking again. "I'll get her to tell me." Zack says. "Good luck." Laughs Jake. Then you hear the door close and someone walking over to you. You feel the bed move and sink. You roll onto Zack's lap and he sighs. He also starts playing with your hair. A tear sheds from your eye. Zack seems to notice because he stops playing with your hair and touch your cheek. "What's wrong _____?" He whispers. You don't answer and fall asleep.
  9. You wake up to the sun in your face. You get up and sigh. You look out the window. It's raining. You turn around and see someone standing in front of you. You jump...
  10. "What are you doing here mom?" You say and walk away, into your closet. "What, I can't wish my daughter Happy Birthday?" She says walking toward you. You walk past her. "No." You say. "_______, I realize that I hurt you but don't let it affect your 16th birthday." She says grabbing your crown. She puts the crown on your head and smiles. You take the crown off and look at it. You put it back on and look down. "Sweetie, I'm sorry that i left but go celebrate your birthday with the guys." She says as she kisses your forehead. You look at her,"You didn't tell them, did you?" You say with worry in your eyes. "No I didn't because your going to tell them." She says pushing you toward the door. You run past her and refuse. "______, it's 9:00. You don't have much time. There the only ones that can save you." You sigh and open the door. Your mom disappears.
  11. You walk to the bathroom and freshen up. You start to walk down the stairs. You pass a clock and see that it's 9:15. You run into the kitchen and see the guys eating. They look at you and you look back. "______, We need to talk." Says Cody. He comes over and grabs your hand and seats down on a chair. "Ya we do." You say quietly. You open your mouth to speak...
  12. "______, Something is wrong and you're not telling us. So please tell us." Says Justin. You look at the guys and their just staring at you. "Guys. There is something wrong and i'm worried on your reaction." You say looking at the clock. It's 9:20. "What is it?" Says Zack. "Well. When I was 9, my mother died so I never celebrated my birthday after that oh and today is my birthday. Anyway, A witch put a curse on me saying on my 16th birthday at 9:30, she would come and take over my body and only the ones I love can save me before midnight. If my loved ones fail, She will keep my body and you guys will never get to see me again." You take a breath and wait for the reaction. You look at the guys and see their mouths open. "Why didn't you tell us before?" Shouts Justin. You stand up and shout,"Because I don't want you guys to get hurt! You guys get hurt enough protecting me from Sabrina dn her demons, next thing you need is someone putting a curse on you.!" The guys look at each other and nod as if agreeing to something. "We will fight her before she takes you." Says Jake "Oh, there's just two things." You say looking down. "What?" Says the guys in unison. "She'll be here at 9:30 and you have to fight me and hurt me to get her." The guys look shocked and worried. You look at the clock and you see it turn 9:30. You face them and wish them good luck and please don't get hurt. The guys look at you. You sigh and you feel a hand on your shoulder. You look up and see Rouge.
  13. You see the guys stand up and glare at Rouge. You feel yourself sleep. *Guys* They see you fall to the ground. They reach for you but they see you stand up. Your head is down and Rouge is gone. You look up at the guys and your eyes turn white. You smile at them and laugh. *You* You see the guys but you can't control yourself. You see the guys walk toward you. "______, We know you can hear us. Fight her!" Yells Justin. You shake your head and look at them. "______ is not here right now but my name is Rouge." You smile and walk toward the guys. "______, if your there, Cross your fingers." Says Jake You hear him and try to cross your fingers. You feel them cross and look at the guys. Rouge says a weird word and you feel a shock go through you. You scream and let go of the hand. The guys seem to see this because they smile. "Awww, Poor ______, Can't fight her own battles. Except her little friends have to die instead. You look at Jake and see his hands glow and burst into flames. You bend water and make a icicle and a sharp one. You feel yourself throw it at Jake...
  14. Jake puts his hand out and melts the icicle in mid air. He has sadness in his eyes. "Im sorry ______." He says. He points his hand at you and fire shoots from his hand and hits you in the arm. You scream in pain. Rouge puts water on it and shocks you. "Shut up ______!" Yells Rouge. You look toward the guys and they look like their going to kill you. You laugh and run out of the kitchen and into the living room and out to the pool. They battle for about 5 hours before they all pant. You look at the guys and they are sweating. You look at the sun and it sets. "It's about 9:00. You have about 3 hours to save your percious _____ or I will have her body and I will love a body like this!"Says Rouge as she looks at your hair. She touches the top of your head and feels the crown. "What's this?" She takes off the crown and looks at it. "It's very pretty! _____ You didn't tell me you were a princess? Even better!" She says and puts the crown back on her head. She looks toward the guys and see they are gone. She looks around and sees them no where. "awww ______, it seems your friends have given up on you." She says. You look around and see them no where. A tear sheds from your eye when you feel a burning on your back. You scream and Rouge looks back and sees Jake burning you. You and Jake fight for about two hours when you feel more guys fighting you.
  15. You see the guys around you and you hear "NOW!" You see Zack grab you by the arms and Justin puts a force field around Cody and Jake. Jake puts his hand on your chest and you feel a burning sensation and then it stops. You then feel a pain in your chest. You look behind you and see Cody stabbing you. The guys look away and see that their in pain from doing this to you. You scream and Rouge comes flying out of you.
  16. You feel yourself gain control of your body and Rouge dies on the spot, disappearing into dust. Your eyes turn back to normal color and you're screaming. Cody lets go of the knife and looks at you. "______?" You open your eyes and nod. They guys hug you and Jake starts healing your burns and cut. They take you into the living room and you turn on the TV. You look at the clock and see it's 11:30. The guys look to and wish you Happy Birthday. "Thanks." You smile and actually smile! You turn on the news and hear your families last name on TV.
  17. *News* The _______(Last Name) family found murdered earlier this hour. No one knows what happen except that the daughter is missing and the mom died. They died of unexplained things. The doctors are working on trying to find out what possibly happen but so far, there is no explanation. Daughter ______ _______ was last scene at her house on October 18 and was not seen again. If anyone has any information on what happen, the doctors will be grateful. Then it showed a little girl being carried onto a strecher. You see the TV turn off but you don't move. "______?" Says Jake as he stops healing you. You look down and you start crying softly. You feel yourself getting picked up and carried. You cry into Zack's chest and you hear the guys walk behind him. You see your room and you are being laid into the bed but Zack stays with you, still holding you. Your still crying and you hear the guys sigh. "______, were so sorry." You stop crying and sit up. You wipe the tears away. You finally realize what Sabrina said to you. "You or your family." You think about it and you get angry, really angry! I mean like water starts coming through the windows and surround you. The guys get scare and back toward the wall. The water turns you into the princess. "______? What's wrong?" Says Jake. You look at him and your eyes are blue. "I'm going to kill Sabrina." And you walked out of there. "_______! Wait!" Yells the guys. You were at the door when the guys grabbed you bye the arms and pulled you back. They took you back to the couch. You kept trying to get up but they pulled you down and held you there. Water was swirling around you and Your eyes were light blue. The water was really loud so you couldn't hear the guys talking to you. You were so angry, you started to glowing blue and float. You were half way up in the air when you feel someone grab your hand. You look down and see your mom. The guys look at you and then your mom. You started to calm down because you started lowering onto the ground and the water started dying down and going back into your normal self. As soon as you were on the ground, You mom hugged you and said,"Im sorry sweetheart. Im so sorry." You closed your eyes and started crying. Your mom called over the guys and put Jake where your mom was and you hugged him. The guys got around you and hug you as well. The guys sat you down and you fell asleep in the guys arms.
  18. You wake up and you walk downstairs. You feel someone grab your arm. "______, where are you going?" Says Justin. "I'm just thirsty, that's all." You still look sad. "ok, but i'm going with you." "Fine." You guys walk down the stairs and get water. "Ok, let's go back upstairs." Says Justin. "Alright, You dump your water and start walking behind Justin. You start to walk up the stairs when you feel yourself being tugged into the dark. Your mouth is covered but you silently scream. Justin seems to hear you. "______?" Justin turns on the light and sees nothing. "SH@%!" He says as he runs upstairs. You feel yourself come out of the shadows with a knife to your stomach. The guys come downstairs and see that it's...
  20. Sorry for making you guys wait for a whole day!!!! LOL! Anyway I hope you guys liked it! Comment and rate or I won't make anymore.

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