True Heart and Magic ~Part 11~

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  1. You stand up and stare in shock. The girl comes in focus and you see May standing there. She laughs and throws you against the wall. You hit the wall, also knocking down a photo of you and the guys. The picture falls to the floor, shattering into pieces. The guys reach for you but then they feel knives to their necks. The freeze as there taken outside to the pool. You waken as you feel yourself being taken outside and being tied to something. You open your eyes and look around. You see that your at the pool and your at the deep side of the pool, which is 12 ft. You look ahead of you and see the guys staring at you while four BIG guys stand behind them with knives in their hands. You hear May walking out of the shadows with two guys by her. She sees that your awake and she comes toward you. "Well, look who's awake." She says as she looks at you with deep silver eyes. You look away. "LOOK AT ME OR I KILL THEM." You get startled at the words kill them and turn to look at her. She has an evil grin on her face. "There. Now, I think you know what I want." Says May as the guys get closer. You look around and start bending the water behind you. The guys seem to notice this because the next thing you knew, you were given a shot in your arm. You flinch and the water falls, and so do you. You gasp and look at her. You get up and she picks up up by the shirt. "Gimme your voice or they die." Your eyes get wide in shock and terror.
  2. You llok at the guys and you see Justin nod at you. You look sad as he nods. You look back at May who looks very impaitent. "Fine. You can have my voice." You say loudly. She smiles and throws you down. You look at her as her eyes glow gold. You see a gold glow surround you and the guys. (Scene from Ariel, kinda like that.) The glow reaches to the top floor of the house. She floats and you start to feel yourself float. You look around you and look at the guys as they look in terror. You reach the middle of the circle. May starts saying some words and you feel yourself glow. You look at your hands and see that you ARE glowing. She looks at the guys and asks,"Have they ever heard you sing?" You shake your head. She laughs and looks at the guys. "LISTEN TO THIS YOU GUYS BECAUSE IT'S GOING TO BE THE LAST TIME YOU EVER HEAR HERE SING!" She shouts to the guys. You look at the guys and they look scared. She looks at you and you feel yourself being drawn into her eyes. "Now Sing." She says. You hesitate for a moment but then you sing like ariel. (I mean EXACTLY like Ariel. You have the singing voice of Ariel.) As soon as your done. She laughs and drops you down to the ground. You feel someone catch you and you look up to see May and the bodyguards gone. You look at who caught you and see that it's Zack. He sets you down and the guys look pissed.
  3. You see this and get scared. You jump out of his arms and back up a little. "What the Hell ______?!" Yells Cody. You start to mumble something when Cody raises his hand up and says to just think it and he'll repeat it to the guys. You look at him and nod. You think -What do you mean what the hell?- Cody repeats it and Justin gets mad. "Why did you give her your voice?! We were fine!" Justin yells. You jump at his tone but think -You were fine?! You had a knife to your neck!- Cody repeats and Justin gets even more mad. The guys look at Justin and he yells,"I had a force field on us! So even they tried, we would be fine! I nodded at you!" You get upset and think -I thought you nodded at me to go ahead and give up my voice! no one ever told me the signal!- Cody repeats and Justin gets pissed. You start to mumble something but your interrupted by Justin. "OH SORRY! WE CAN'T UNDERSTAND YOU BECAUSE YOU DID THE STUPID THING OF GIVING AWAY YOU VOICE!!" (Now imagine this part in slow motion) You look at him and feel a pain in your legs. You remember the dream you had and Justin called you stupid. Maya put a spell on you to be that if they ever say this to you, you would die a little inside. You hear the words echo in your head. You feel the pain in your legs but stay up. You look down and see the water behind you. Your eyes get watery and you blink and a tear falls down. You close your eyes and you feel a hand lay on top your shoulder. You look up and see Jake looking at you. You push his hand off and look at Cody. You think -Fine. Justin hates me so Im going to go. Thanks for everything.- You just get a shocked impression on his face. You run in between Zack and Justin, knocking them both sideways. Zack looks back at you and he looks sad. Cody looks shocked. Jake looks worried. And Justin looks mad but knows he hurt you. Your about to slam the back door when you see a photo on the table by the door. You pick it up and look at it. It shows you and the guys smiling at the camera. You close your eyes and hear Justin's words echo in your head. You look at it one last time before throwing it outside. It lands in the pool with a splash and sinks. You run inside, crying.
  4. *Guys* They grab the photo from the pool. They look at it and see that it's cracked right on your heart. The look at Justin angerily. They all start yelling, showing him the photo. *You* You lay on your bed, crying. You look up and see paper and a pen by your bed. You pick it up and start writing.-Guys, I decided to go back home, real home and begin my normal life all over again. You have no more powers so what's the point of staying here. Please stay safe and I'll be in your hearts. Don't try to get me because I'll refuse to go with you. Justin is right so don't hate on him. I made the STUPID mistake of doing that. Sorry but it's what I have to do. Have a great life. Bye.- You cry as you write this and you sign yor name in a beautiful signature. You sigh and stand up. You look around and sigh. You start to walk out when you have a flashback of all the memories with them. You snap out of it and continue downstairs. You start down the stairs when you hear the guys arguing in the kitchen. You shake your head in shame. You reach the bottom floor and head to the pool. You look back and mouth goodbye. You turn around and head to the forest.
  5. You start running and reach the forst. You look on the ground and see burn marks from the fire. You see a image of Jake and you but it disappears. You keep walking. *Guys* The guys finish arguing and Jake goes to your room to check on you. He enters your room to see that your not there anymore. He looks around and sees the note. He reads it and runs out to the guys. "She's gone." He says and hands them the note. He walks outside and looks around. He looks toward the forest and looks away. "What should we do?" Asks Justin. Jake comes back in and paces. Zack looks at the note and walks away, hitting the wall on his way out. Cody goes to the lab with the note. Justin looks upset. "It's all my fault." He whispers. He runs outside and looks around. He shouts your name but hears no response. *You* You hear Justin saying Stupid in your head a million times. You see Jake walking around and Zack sitting. You hear Cody repeating your words. You sigh and stop. You look around to see your surrounded by trees and darkness. You decide to keep going. You can sleep when you get home. You keep walking because the moon is making light for you. You see a little. You think you hear your name being shouted. You look behind you to see nothing. You keep walking, only to walk into someone.
  6. The person grabs your wrists and pulls you up so you can stare into his eyes. You gasp as you see Troy's eyes looking back at you. He smiles and squeezes your wrists. You pull back and look around. You open your mouth to scream but nothing comes out. You close your mouth and remember your voice. Troy looks at you and you get mad. You try breaking free when you feel a breeze come through. You shiver at the feeling and look where the wind came from. You see the leaves blowing on the ground, making a circle. You look at an image emerge from the leaves to see an older girl with short brown hair and light blue eyes looking at you. She has a leaf dress that tightens around the waist but flows down at the bottom. It's strapless and it's brown at the top. The brown swirls in the flowers and turns brown at the bottom. She's wearing a crown on her head. She raises her hand at the Troy and a gust of wind throws him to a tree, dropping you. You look at her when you feel yourself being helped up by a teenage girl with long blonde hair in a ponytail. She has deep green eyes and she's has a beautiful smile. You look at her head and you see she's wearing a crown as well. She's wearing a leaf shirt that shows her skinny stomach and leafy pants. She has a sword on her back. She helps you up and ou look in amazement. "Hi! I'm Lexi and this is my mom Whitney!" She says, gesturing to her mom. You look at them and nod. They look at you in confusion and ask your name. You look down and point to your throat. You mouth that you can't talk and Whitney nods. "It's alright. Your in good hands. We are the queen and princess of the forest. We have a kingdom close by here when Lexi saw you being tormented. She called for me and I rushed over here." Says Whitney. You smile and nod. "Do you have a power?" Lexi asks with curiousity. You nod and point to the water. "Your a water bender?!" She says while jumping. You nod and take her crown off. You place it on your head and she smiles really big. "Your the Water princess!" She exclaims. You nod and give her back her crown. She puts it on her head and gasps. "Your ______ _______?! We heard you have the singing voice of angels and you actually met them before! Your mom died and so did your family so your being protected." You nod and look at them. "Where are your protectors?" Asks Whitney. You look at her and mouth you ran away. She puts her hand up in the air and you stop. "Come with us and we will find out what happen to you." You smile and Lexi grabs your hand and runs. You look to where Troy was to see that he's gone.
  7. They opena curtain of viens to a beautiful kingdom! It is bright and lively, like the forest. You look around and see people dressed in leaves with flawless skin. You look ahead and see a castle that is white with veins crawling up the sides of the castle. People look at you with curisoity. You feel embarrassed. Lexi is smiling with joy. Whitney is being all royal like. You get to the castle and the guards open the door, welcoming home the queen and princess. Whitney calls for maids to take you and give you a shower and fresh clothes. They nod and take you to a big bathroom. You take a shower and come out to see a beautiful dress!(The one in the photo) They do your hair in a half ponytail. They put lip gloss on your lips and slip high heels on you. You look at yourself and you look beautiful. They take you downstairs to see Lexi talking with her mom and a gentlemen with brown hair and green eyes. Lexi looks toward you and smiles. She comes to you and looks at your dress. She hugs you like a friend. Whitney comes to you and welcomes you to the kingdom Princess. You smile at the word princess. The boy comes to you wide eyed. "Hi. I'm Lucas. It's a pleasure to meet the water princess." He says with a smile that makes your heart melt. You look to your left to see your mom standing there with a crown in her hand. She smiles and comes toward you. You turn to her a bend down. She puts the crown on your head and hugs you. "Be careful sweetheart." She says and she disappears. Lexi and Lucas look shocked but Whitney seems to understand. You look at them and you hear a crown outside. "What's your name?" Says Lucas. You look down and shake your head. "Her voice was stolen and her water bending powers. We are here to help her but we need to know her name." Says Lexi with a sad look on her face. Whitney gestures for someone to come in. You hear footsteps coming toward you. You turn around to see a girl with red hair and a leaf dress. She smiles at you and bows. "My name is Maggie and I am here to help. I can see the past and hear your thoughts." She says with a smile. You bow down at her and she takes your hand. You see the past flash before your eyes. You snap out of it and so does Maggie. She smiles and gives you a necklace. You look at it and it shines. You feel energized. "Go ahead and try talking." Says Maggie. You look confused but try talking. "My-My-My name is _____ _____." You smile at it and so does everyone else. It sounds exactly like you. "It's a device that recgonize you and find your voice and let you talk. You don't have your voice back but it subsitutes it." Says Maggie. You smile. "Can I sing with it?" You ask. "Of course you can Princess _____." You smile and sing like at Ariel when May took your voice. Lexi smiles and Whitney walks toward some guards. Lucas looks starstrucked. You stop and Whitney calls all of you. "You need to make your appearance." Says Whitney as she points to the balcony.
  8. You walk to the balcony with Lexi and Lucas. You walk out to see a whole crowd of over 100 people. They all started shouting. You look amazed at how many people are here. "Hello friends! Today, My daughter Lexi found this young lady being tormented by a young man named Troy. We have found out that she is ______ ______, The Long lost Water Princess. She has lost her voice but Maggie has given her a necklace to let her talk. She cannot bend right now because a girl named May has taken it away. She ran away from her protectors and wishes to stay here with us for a while. Please welcome her as a normal person." Says Whitney. The crowd gets quiet and looks at you. You wave at them. "______ can also sing. She is the singing princess. We must protect her from harm and bring her into our family, our kingdom, our heart." Says Lexi. "Sabrina is looking to kill _____ so we must be on the look out for her." Says Lucas. You look at the crowd and say,"But please be safe. I don't want anyone of you to get hurt." The crowd smiles at your kindness. "Now, we must go but _____ will sing to you to give you smiles." Says Whitney. You look at her and look at the crowd. You close your eyes and sing 'healing song' from Tangled. The forest glows and when you finish, flowers grow on all the plants. The crowd smiles and cheers. You smile and walk back inside. Before you do that, you see someone in the crowd with a sword in their hand. You gasp as they throw it at you.
  9. You duck and it cuts your arm. The crowd gasps and Lucas grabs you and carries you into the castle. You see a flashback of Zack carrying you. You see the image go away as a person comes in and looks at your arm. They nod and start healing you. The healing turns blue and you get a flashback of Jake healing you. You blink and close your eyes. You look at your arm and see that's it's healed. You thank the person and stand up. You pace back and forth. "_____?_______? Stop please." You hear Lucas say to you. You stop as he grabs your hand. You look at your hand locked with his and blush. You see a flashback of Cody holding your hand. He looks at your arm and hugs you. You hug him back and sigh. A tear rolls down your cheek. You pull back a piece of hair and look up at him. He smiles at you. "What's your power?" You ask. "My power is fighting combat and growing plants with my hands." He says as he smiles. You smile and look in his eyes. He looks back. You stare at each other for a minute but you see a flashback of Justin looking into your eyes. You look away and sigh. He grabs your hand and leads you upstairs. "Where we going?" You ask as you walk up big stairs. "I want to show you something." He says without looking at you. You go down a long hallway when you reach a balcony over looking a pool. You gasp at the view. You look over it and see roses and lillies and orchids. You look at the pool with it's crystal clear blue water. You feel a hand on your shoulder and you get a flashback of Jake at the pool. You look down and you see Lucas smiling at you. "I have a question." Says Lucas. "What is it?" You say looking at him. "The ball is coming up, do you want to go?" He says. You smile at him and nod at him. He smiles and looks in your eyes. The moon shines on your guys face. He has flawless skin and full lips. You are lost in his eyes when he starts to lean in. You feel his lips touch your softly. You close your eyes and kiss him back. He strokes your hair. The moonlight shines on you and Lucas. He pulls back and he smiles. You smile back and he says goodnight. You watch him back away into a room. You follow him and see a elegant room with your favorite color bed. You look around and get a flashback of your old room. You close your eyes and shake your head. You look at Lucas and he kisses your hand. "Sleep tight." He says and walks away. You smile as you watch him walk away. You look around the room and find the closet. You change into a night gown. You go on the balcony and look at the sky, you see a shooting star. You close your eyes and wish that the guys not to miss you. You open your eyes and go back inside. You lay down on your bed and close your eyes. You dream while smiling.
  10. You wake up to a bang downstairs. You jolt up and look around. You see your normal room. You get up and peek out the door. You hear another bang. You follow the bang where you reach the stairs. You hear a door open behind you to see Lexi come out. "What was that?" She says with her sword on her back. "I dont know." You reply. You both go downstairs to see the guards fighting some boy. You look closer and see it's Troy. You gasp and freeze. "What's wrong? Who is he?" Asks Lexi. You stay frozen. "_____?" She whispers. "It's Troy." You whisper back. She also freezes as you both watch the guards struggling. You hear another door open and see Lucas come out. He sees you and Lexi and runs to you guys. He sees Troy and asks what you guys do. You think and know how to defeat him. "I have to sing to him and make him sleep, then you guys take him." Lucas flinches at this idea. "I have to get close to him though." You tell them. By now everyone in the castle awake and watching Troy. You look at the people and nod your head. You start to watch downstairs. You look back and smile at them. Lucas looks worried. You get to the bottom and Troy sees you. "______! I'm here for you." Says Troy, sounding like a prince. You step to him and start singing Everytime We Touch by Cascada (Slow version) He walks to you and smiles. You sing the chorous and he starts to lower his eyes. You get close to him and sing softer. He grabs your hand as he falls asleep. The guards grab him and handcuff him. He's still sleeping. You watch as they drag him away. You feel someone grab you and hug you. You turn around to see Lexi hugging you. You hug her back. Whitney smiles at you and the maids and butlers clap. You smile and Lucas takes you back to your room. You reach your room and he brings you to your bed. You look at him and thank him. He hugs you and whispers,"Don't scare me like that." You laugh a little and whisper,"I won't." He kisses your cheek and tucks you into bed. You close your eyes as he kisses your forehead.
  11. You awake to the sunrise and take a deep breath. You go to your balcony and take a deep breath in. You look at the view and walk away. You get dressed into a smaller dress (Swan Princess dress) this time. You brush your hair and put a flower into it. You brush your teeth and head downstairs. You walk downstairs and look around. You walk into the kitchen and the maids and butlers get startled as you walk inside. "Oh _____. What are you doing up this early?" Says one of the maids. "I always get up this early." You say as you hug all the butlers and maids. They smile at each other and continue cooking. You sit there and ask if there's anything you need. They say no and continue cooking. You get up and tell them your going to the village. They look at you. "Do you want a horse or a guard?" Says a butler. You shake your head and walk out. You walk past the stairs to see Lucas coming down. "______? Where you going?" He asks as he slides down the railing. You tell him that your going to the village. "Do you need me to go with you?" He asks. "If you want. I'm just going to look around and relax." He smiles and follows you. You exit the big doors and see the birds chirping and the sunlight shine in your face. You look around and see that it's a normal village. (Beauty and the Beast village.) You smile as you walk past the opening. People stop to greet you. You curtsee to them and they smile. A little girl came up to you and gave you a flower. You smile and put the flower in her hair. She hugs you and runs off. You smile as she runs off. Lucas smiles at your smile. You look at him and he takes you to a garden. You look around and sit on a bench. He sits next to you. He grabs your hand and you lay your head on his shoulder. You close your eyes and enjoy the time when you hear someone talking. You open your eyes as you regonize it. You stand up turn around as you see...
  12. Cliffhanger!!!!!! Who do you love?

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