TRB Anouncement

I'm just making a quick announcement on some things. I realize that I've missed quite a lot. It's a terrible thing that someone would steal Natalie's stories.

Everyone seems to be leaving GTQ, but I think I'm pretty much glued here wether I like it or not :b I love it here, I mean it's where I started writing and everything! Anyways, hope you had a good Christmas, and Happy New Years Eve!

Created by: TheRecklessBam
  1. Okay so I just have an anouncement, obviously :b
  2. I'm pretty much back, since you know recently I've been semi haitus but not anymore!
  3. I've also started a new story called "The Weylans" on Wattpad
  4. Its about a girl who loses her parents in a mysterious car crash and ends up living in a house with strangers that have seven boys who are "family friends" but she's never met them.
  5. Anyways she gets to know them and all that and well I can't really explain it with out telling you it, so you're going to have to read it :b
  6. My username on Wattpad is: TheRecklessbam
  7. Fan me, and I'll fan back! (: I read a lot of stuff on there too so if you want me to check something out just inbox me x
  8. Well anyways I have a lot of stuff in mind for that story so I'm going to be updating a lot quicker on 'The Weylans' than on 'Teenage 'Chronicle'
  9. I hope you guys had a good christmas, and have a fun New Year's Eve! But be safe :b
  10. ~ TheRecklessBam

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