Travel to the Cavern of Lights

This is the true journey to StarClan. Many obstacles will block you on your way and you must go around them! Can you make the correct choices and make your way into the Cavern of Lights...?

Will you make it to the Cavern of Lights to communicate with StarClan? Will you make some bad decisions along the way and fail? Do you think your even ready for this...?

Created by: Mel
  1. You just left the camp on your way to the Cavern of Lights. You have a long days travel ahead of you.... What would be the smartest things to bring....?
  2. You look up at the clouds.... It's about to rain! You look around for shelter, what do you do?
  3. It has been a long time since you had a drink an now you are VERY thirsty. What do you do...?
  4. As you continue on, something seems to be following you...what do you do...?
  5. You are getting hungry and yet currently you are standing in the middle of a marshy plain! What do you do...?
  6. As you continue across some rocky outcroppings, you slice the pad of your foot on a sharp rock...what do you do?
  7. Night has now fallen again and you feel weary from the nonstop traveling. What do you do...?
  8. Now, you are beginning to tire. You still hear little scribbling noises behind you though... what is that?!? What do you do?
  9. The cavern is getting nearer and you can't wait! I has been days getting here and now you're soooo close! But, in between you and the cavern are 2 more obstacles. The forest and getting into the cavern itself. what do you do...?
  10. Finally! Here we are! The cavern of lights! Do you....

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