what kind of traveler are you?

Do you travel? Take this quiz and find out just what kind of traveler you are. This quiz is geared towards budget-minded travelers, surfers, and the intrepid.

This quiz was created by the awesome owners of El Hostel located in the beautiful Playa El Sunzal in El Salvador. Central America is an absolute gem and should be seen by everyone who likes to travel.

Created by: el hostel

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  1. You finally arrive to town. It's that time to find a hostel. How do you go about it?
  2. The night is over when...
  3. The hostel your at is sponsoring a tour to the Waterfalls for a decent price.
  4. The hostel is packed and it's Friday night. There aren't any places nearby to party so the music is up, the fire is blazin, and the foosball tournament is on.
  5. The swell is in.
  6. Someone steals your food out of the community fridge.
  7. A local offers you a cooked meal of who knows what and some home made moonshine. The food looks sketchy...
  8. You're in the same hostel for over 2 weeks. How do you go about laundry?
  9. There is a political uprising.
  10. Your flying home tomorrow morning, but you're having a GREAT time and you just don't want to leave.

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