What Is Your Candle Style?

Need help choosing a candle? Take this quiz to find out which of our six candle collections at Greenhouse Soy Company are the most like you: Nana's Pantry, Urban Market, Aristocrat, Trendsetter, Traveler, or Seduction.

Or, do you want to give someone a candle as a gift but you are not sure what to get? You can take the quiz for them to find the perfect gift for them! All of our candles are available for purchase online at greenhousesoycompany. Com.

Created by: shelby

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  1. I want my candle to.
  2. Which type of candle jar appeals to you most?
  3. Do you want your candle to have a lid?
  4. Do you want your candle wax to be colored or uncolored?
  5. What size candle do you prefer?
  6. The word below that describes me the best is.
  7. And now for a few wacky, seemingly unrelated questions... If I could pick up a new hobby, it would be.
  8. My idea of a vacation is going to.
  9. My perfect dinner night would be.
  10. If you could listen to a song right now, it would be.

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Quiz topic: What Is my Candle Style?