Tough Romance part 1

PLEASE READ IF YOU TAKE MY QUIZ. Have you ever wondered what i t would be like to be in between three brothers and have to choose one to marry? Well this id the quiz for you!

I hope you enjoy and sorry that its long and I probably too much detail and I made some typing errors but you know get an idea write it down. but hope you enjoy and have a fun time. Thanks for taking my quiz!

Created by: Wolfygirl

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  1. You wake up from your sleep. Excitedly you get up. The week before the King and Queen personally wanted you to marry one of their sons. It started when they came to the town on Christmas Eve for our yearly celebration. You just turned 16 a day earlier with an old respected family name. They visited your house for some tea and met you. You didn't door any special that day because they always came to your house since you were pretty much born. You payed your respects and was as nice as ever. Then that same night they anounce that they want you to marry one of their three sons and rule their kingdom. You were speechless. Everyone stared at you through the night sky. Kate your friend whispers in your ear saying "do it ______ its your destiny.....I know it..." Your chest thumped quickly not knowing what to do. Jake looked at you. You couldn't see him cuz he was far away. Then you got the guts to say "I accept you Majesty and Your Highness..." you bow down to them. People cheered. Then the next day you started to pack your stuff for your jounry to the big kingdom of which you heard many stories about. You packed all of your gowns except one. The one that you thought would be more appropreate to see a prince when your from a farm. Now its time to put on that dress and say your good-byes. Your going to rule a Kingdom next to your king and be at his side forever no matter what. You'll give him advise, opinons, and suggestions. You'll have a family raised of royalty. And most of all you could fall in love. True love. Isn't that what every girl wants?
  2. You open your closet and notice something's wrong. Your gown that you choose to wea today is gone. "Where is it! I dear I hope I didn't pack it! You search your room. Even though its small it has a lot of stuff that use to be there. You search and search but can't find it. A knock is heard from your door. A voice says "may I come in?" it was the queen. "Yes you can." you grab your blankets and wrap them around you so she wont see you in your night gown. The door opens and you see the beautiful silky black straight hair of the queen. Her green eyes sparkle in sunlight. Her skin is flawless and a light smooth pink color. Her lips are pink like a rose and her dress went perfect with her. It was golden with brown interior and white linings were the people that sowed it together with to cover them. Leaves, flowers amd vines went all around the dress. She had her beautiful dimond ring on her small finger along with a gold braclet. Dimond earrings were on her and she had the necklace of peace. The necklace of peace was an egale and a lion. Show a peace of the two sacred animals of two different kingdoms that use to fight for centeries. But before she was born the war had ended and to remember their friendship they made the necklace of peace. The queen always weared it. In all of the paintings of her she would be wearing that same necklace. She had crows feet by her eyes from years of smiling. She was holding something behind her back. "Your highness I apologize but I think I may have packed the gown that I was going to wear for today." You said sadly. "No need to worry," she said motherly and softly "I was going to get you a new wardrobe along with your current one if you wish." She pulled from behind her a beautiful _______ dress. "I was walking around the market today and saw this beautiful dress and thought that it would go perfect with you. It goes great with your beattiful ______eyes. And you nice ______hair." "Thank you so much! How should I ever repay you?" You say bowing. She held your chin up with her two small hands "just make by boys want you like a tiger wanting food, and choose the right one with your heart...." she said kindly. You smile back and she leaves to let you put on your beautiful _______
  3. You walk out side and see your family and friends outside. You saw the royal carrage that will take you away from this land. You walked to your mother you had her beautiful body structure(image your perfect body structure and that one is yours) she had tears in her eyes. "Mom don't cry" you say in a croak "if you cry I'll cry." tears swelled up in your eyes realizing that your gona miss your family and friends. She hugged you and said "sometimes its hard to let the bird fly away from the nest..." You say "well the bird has to leave someday." You smile. She does tearful proud smile. You walk over to your dad. "Daddy I'll miss you." you hug him. His was a few inches shorter then you and your mom was taller then you so you kinda short. You have his color of eyes and hair. "Sweetie never forget......never forget where you came from." You hear a sob. You barely hear or see and tears from your dad. "I'll never forget. You look over and see your two best friends in the world. Kate and Jake. Kate hugged you and whispered "your going to be a princess like when we were kids." You say "I'll miss you Kate you'll always be my best friend no matter what." You look at her and you see a tears in her eyes. "Don't be sad Kate-"Your about to say when she said "these are tears of joy and friendship _____.Now go get them tiger." She smiled and you look at Jake. He seemed different. He looked at you with eyes that you never seen. You do a quick hug and say "see you later Jake. Hopefully you'll become a knight like when we were little.' You looked at his blue eyes and brown hair. His chin was a bit round but in time it will become a man's chin. "Bye...._____....." He said. You waved "farewell!" You enter the carrage and sit next to the back window and looked at your friends and family. They waved and you waved back. Once they disappeared you looked out your side window and looked at the small town where you were raised and born. You remeber all your birth days, celebrations and good happy memories. Like when Jake was trying to be a chef but he put too much yest in the dough. The oven broke and he got cake all over him. Kate and how she first tried beer when she became a women. She went all crazy that night. You smiled to yourself. And all of the good memories just flowed out of you like a river. You realized that you became homesick when you no longer saw your town.
  4. You look out the window at the beautiful snow forest. You saw a deer here and there. Rabbits jumped from one tree to another. A small fox and her cubs were hiding under a tree trunk. A white owl sat on a tree and looked at you. You could feel the cold winter air from in here. It was a winter wonderland. Then before you knew it you saw the gates of the Queen's Kingdom. Town folk saw the carrage and surrounded. In a cheery mood they sang Carol of the bells. They played on vilons, pipes, clearenets, flutes, brass instruments, wood winds and so much more. They had instrument that you never even seen. Some sang with joyous tunes and once the carrage stopped at the gate to the palace they sang "Queen Jasmine! The kindest of all! With a heart made of gold! Who came and helped the Poor! The rich never complained about taxes no more! No one is no longer hungry! They thirst for nothing more! All because of Queen Jasmine!" They sang over and over as the carrage entered the path way of the palace. Queen Jasmine they say is a Queen who was born just to help guide this kingdom. In history books they describe how kind and wise she is. Ho whse helped the poor. How she taxed the rich a proper amount that everyone including the rich agree on. Everyone loved her. At first they thought she was an angel from heven sent by God himself to guide this kingdom to prosperity. But she isn't an angel she's just a great Queen.
  5. The carrage stops in front of the two big doors of the palace. The Queen excits and you follow her. You hear the carrage leave. You two enter the palace. It takes your breath away when you see the hallway leading to the throne room. The blue marble floor looks good with the silver colums and white walls. On the walls is the paintings of all of the King and Queens of the royal family. A servant walked to the wall with a new painting. It had the King and Queen and three boys.
  6. One boy looks like he's 18 years old with black hair (like Noda's from angel beats) and green eyes. He doesn't smile like the others did. The one across from him had dirty blond hair(hair is like obi wan's in star was the second one) and sky blue eyes. He looked just like the king. The one in between them was a guy who looked about your age. He had chestnut brown hair(looks like oyoama from angel beats) with hazel eyes. They all looked cute. The Queen said "Mary you forgot something." The servants purple eyes went good with her white hair. She looked like 17 years old and she said "what did I forget?" The Queen smiled and said "the future Queen of this land." and she shows you to Mary. You introduce yourself. "May I show you to your room?" she asked nicely. You nodd and the Queen leaves.You follow Mary up the stairs left of the two thrones. There were three hallways. The middle one eneded with two big doors. The one on the right had 5 doors. and the left one had 5 doors. Mary led you to the hallway on the right to the last door on the right.
  7. You enter the room and see the biggest bed room you ever seen. It had a queen sized room with soft purple sheets and a closet, dresser, a long mirror and a small one, and a balcony. You open your closet and see all of your old gowns and some new ones. There is hats, and different shoes on the bottom and top. The dresser had all of your night gowns and new ones and acessories. The window doors led to the balcony which had the perfect view of the garden. It was all perfect.
  8. "I hope you enjoy your room!" Mary said as she left. You looked at yourself in the mirror. "I hope that they'll like me..." you whispered to yourself. You left the room and went the the left hallway. You enter the brown doors and see a big circular study. It had many books and a deaks with more books and paper and ink. It was cool. There were a lay down couch(no funny ideas people) and a normal couch chair. It was beautiful. The fire place made the smell of books and knollege fill the air. "So your ______" said a high pitch voice. You turn around and see the chestnut brown haired guy. He had scholor like clothes that were brown and bage. Unlike the painting his eyes showed that he knew about a lot of things. He had glasses and he was your height and age. He didn't have big muscles. He had small ones but he still looked sexy in the fire light. You say "yes I am, nice to meet you." you bow and he walks next to you and says "you don't need to bow." You stand up and look at him. He seemed to be deep in thought. "I apologize I havn't properly introduce myself I'm Prince Richard."
  9. "Nice to meet you." you say trying not to stutter or blush. "Well I'll ne leaving." you say walking. He said nothing. You excit and blush to yourself and think "wow he's hot" you barely notice the person in front of you and bump into him. It was the 17 year old guy from th painting he had a white shirt and a silver tunic over it. His shoes were brown and her looked sexyer and stronger then in the picture. "Sorry, I wasn't looking where I was going!" You say. He smiles and said in a deeper voice cherfully "oh no its okay! I'm Prince Jacob by the way." He holds out his hand for a shake. You shake it and its is nice and warm and you just want to get closer to him but you force yourself not to. "I'm _____" you say. You two realize that you been shaking hands for quite a while. You stop and let go. You blush and he smiles. "Nice to meet you ____" he walks away. Your heart thumps again "how hotter are these guy suppose to get?" you think to your self.
  10. You walk to another room and see the guy with black hair and green eyes and looks about 18 years old; writing something in a journal. He didn't notice you. He was tall and broad. He had a silver shirt under his black prince clothes (looks like cinderella's Pince's clothes but black with silver outlining.) He notices you but doesn't say anything. You say "Hi i'm _____." You try to say cheerfully. He says nothing. His bangs covers his eyes naking him look mysterious. Finally he says "I'm Prince Matthew...." but he doen't look up. His voice was deep and depressing.
  11. You leave and Mary comes to you and said "its time for dinner. Go to the throne room and make a right. There is a big brown door. The King and Queen are waiting for you all to come." She said kindly. "Thanks" you said and did as she said. You were then in the dinning hall. The table was 50ft long for whenevr there is a celebration at the palace. The King sat at the edge and the Queen sat to his left. You walked next to the Queen and the King said "sit next to me if you please _____" you sat in the right chair next to him.
  12. The three Princes came in. Richard sat next to you and Jacob sat next to the Queen while Matthew sat next to Jacob. "Pleaser to see you again _____" Jacob said and smiled. You tried not to blush. Food then popped up in front of you. It was soup night. So the soup was vegetarian with tofu and spinach. You all said grace and started to eat. The king asked "So _____, how did you like your day?" You swallow on some soup water and clean your mouth with a napkin. You pulled it away and say "it was a nice day you majesty. How was yours?" The King laughed and said "as busy as ever. But its the job of a King!" You smiled. "Oh Richard your package came in today. The one with new books right?" The queen said to Richard. Richard said "yes that is mine." the queen said "Its in your right now." Richard nodded. "Matthew, Jacob hows your sword practice?" The King asked. Jacob took a drink of his wine and said "it goes good." "Matthew how about you?" The Queen asked "It goes fine. May I be exscused?" he said. The queen and King nodded. Then he left. "Dont' mind Matthew, he's just-" The king was about to say when Richard finished his sentence "secretive. Father I thought we went over this..."

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