Total drama island quiz

Who well do you know your TDI?????Find out in this awesome quiz!!!!!!! Where will you finish in TDT???? Will you Take the Cash?? Or will you be voted off in episode 1??

With questions about a couple of characters and random quotes such as "Nice try, Farticus!!" and What? No explosions, No burning buildings...No BEARS?

Created by: Dara

  1. Which camper was voted of before Izzy (First Time)
  2. Who won immunity during Search and do not Destroy?
  3. What date is Cody's Birthday?
  4. Who did Izzy date from the TD series?
  5. What team was Zeke on in TDI
  6. An easy one.What is the name of the TDI Theme song
  7. Who won TDI?
  8. Who is Lindsay's boyfriend?
  9. Who is labeled the Brickhouse With a Big Heart?
  10. Which of these is Izzy? (Easy one to finish)

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