Total Drama How well do you know mike

this quiz is about how well you know TOTAL DRAMA'S Mike you will answer various questions that will determine how well you know mike for instance... what is mike's name?

do you have what it takes to complete this TOTAL DRAMA quiz about mike hmm do you. do you know all his personality's all his friends all his family are you his official stalker

Created by: calum

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  1. What Team was mike on in total drama revenge of the island
  2. What colour is mike's hair
  3. Which one of these is mike's real personality
  4. Who is svetlana
  5. Who is mike's true love
  6. Who is Mike's evil personality
  7. Who helped mike keep control of his personalitys
  8. in mike's audition tape he said and i don't care what my______ says who was the ______?
  9. Who appeared in the backround when mike was fighting for control over his alternate personalitys
  10. Who does Vito love?
  11. What summoned mal in all stars
  12. who knew about Mal
  13. what summons svetlana
  14. what summons manatoba smith
  15. what summons vito
  16. what summons chester
  17. what summons mike
  18. what happened at the end of all stars

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Quiz topic: Total Drama How well do I know mike