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There are thousands of people in the world and unfortunately not all of them are geniuses especially in apps and quizez that are science revolvary so if you are not doing well in the quiz try different quizzes

Are you a Genius then youve reach the right place just for you play and compete against students oround the world so if you pass you really shows to be a smart person because science is for brainiac...

Created by: Reoamohetse Mofitiso
  1. Which of the following can be treated with antibiotics?
  2. The Plasmodium parasite is carried by:
  3. Which of the following is the scalar quantity?
  4. The intermolecular forces in Ethane are
  5. Interatomic force
  6. The salivary gland
  7. gay lussacs law
  8. Type of cancer
  9. These nitrogenous bases have bond together in DNA
  10. The part of brain that plays part in Stability and movement

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