Top 10: of the Caziest fights ive been in

Hey people! So, since I've already done a most embarrassing moments quiz thing, I decided to also make one of these. Lol, be ready for some crazy *TRUE* stories.

I'm sure everyone's gotten into a fight here and there, but trust me, when I get into one..... Jeez, you better hope you aren't the person I'm fighting with lolol

Created by: ghettobabe4ever

  1. #10: In the fifth grade, there was this guy who used to bully me a lot (this is before I became a bad***). So, one day on the bus, he stabbed my wrist with a friggin pocket knife. So, me being the bratt I am, went crazy insane and slammed his face against the bus window. Let's just say, the cops got called and both of us were escorted home by them. Funny thing is, now we're best friends.
  2. #9: When I was twelve, me and my cousins used to live next door to each other. One day, my fave cousin, Zach, and my least favorite cousin, Jake, wanted to play freeze tag. I reluctantly agreed, but then Jake thought it'd be funny to punch me. Poor Zach.... I lashed out in anger and put him in a headlock, his entire body practically lifted off the yard. The funny part was that he just looked so confused. He was like.... " I thought we were playing tag."
  3. #8: One time, recently actually, I was in Walmart getting some clothing ( hey, I have cheap taste, so what.) and this snobby guy walked up to me and asked me if It hurt. Pickup lines.... (*vomits*) and I was like, " Yeah, when I dragged myself outta hell." Of course, he just stared in shock, before trying to flirt (if that's what you wanna call it). Friggin idiot.... He tried to slap me and I went crazy insane and kicked him in the crotch ( notice I didn't say where he tried to slap me) I ended up getting asked to leave Walmart....
  4. #7: One time, when I was fourteen, my cousin thought it would be cute to embarrass me in front of my crush (the only guy I liked that year) so, he told the guy I had two boyfriends, twin brothers, and that neither of them knew I was dating both of them. Of course, it wasn't true -- heck, I didn't even know any twins back then. So I friggin crash tackled my cousin and tried to choke him out. Sadly, my crush yanked me off of him, and embarrassed the crap outta me. I won't tell you what he did, but it was sorta cute.... Sorta.
  5. Part One of #6: Yesterday, I was mowing my front lawn for my aunt, because she broke her foot, and this gang of boys popped up on bicycles. Omigosh.... *rolls eyes* one of them, the richest looking one ( hey, just sayin.... That guy had a freakin pair of Nike's so nice, they could be worth as much as my entire life.),he's like " Yo, chicky. Why you be mowin with that old piece of crap?" gosh..... I just glared fiercely, stopped the mower walked to where they were, and gave a small (fake) smile.
  6. Part two of #6: So, anyway. I basically just explain that not everyone can be lucky enough to have their rich pappies go hire people to do simple labor for them. Lol, the rich one, he looked so mad. So, one of his friends who I swear looked like a killer, decided to shove me forward. I ended up falling on my butt.... Gosh. He made his mistake *smirks* when rich boy decided to check on me, I ended up kicking him in the junk and then standing up and punching killer dude. (note, he probably wasn't really a killer, but he looked like one) after that, the others ran off. Oh, and the best part is that I got a new pair of Nike's.
  7. #5: In the fourth grade, this one boy (notice I rarely fight a girl) he thought i had a crush on him, but I didn't. So, he decided to ask me out. Well, he was one of those guys who always got into trouble. He even slapped a teacher once. So, when I turned him down, he slapped me in the face. I seriously almost killed him right there, but half of the teachers there had to yank me off of him. I accidentally broke a teachers nose, the boys arm, and another teachers tooth -- oh, and I broke my own nail. Oops.
  8. #4: Last Monday, I forgot to study for a test, and this snobby girl thought it'd be funny to go up to the teacher and tell him I needed a tutor. First off, the teacher ( a total perv if you ask me) has been known to flirt with me and my bestie ( the only girl I'm friends with). So, when that idiot snob told him that, he practically jumped at the chance. Once school was out for the day, I spotted the girl heading into the girls restroom. Poor girl...... Let's just say she didn't exactly.... Um..... Like the fact I accidentally broke her nose. Hey, I didn't mean to, I just meant to cuss her out, but she attacked me.
  9. #3: One time, this girl thought she could fool me into believing she was my friend. This was in fourth grade, btw. And I started realizing she was always talking about me behind my back. So one day, at recess, she brought up an incident I had. Oml, that poor girl. She lunged at me and I shoved her so hard, her face scraped against the pavement on the basketball court. She hasn't messed with me since.
  10. #2: In fourth grade, I had a tiny crush on this one guy, Jakob. My friend, being the nice person she was, asked him if he liked me. Well, that year, there were two Lexis in school. Me, and Alexis, who went by Lexi. Ugh. That idiot thought she was talking about the other Lexi and when she said she meant me, he came up to me and said he did, but he couldn't date me because we were close friends. Didn't take me long to realize he was just trying not to hurt my feelings. Eh, I got my revenge. Last year, he asked me out and I used the same excuse. Before dumping my apple juice on his head. Hey, he called me a b****. Lol
  11. #1: Last year, I got in a fight with my aunt and called her a LOT of cuss words. Then, when she did the same to me, I told her to go tell the devil I said hey when she goes back to where she's from. ( yus, I quoted a Bruno Mars song to her,) lol..... I ended up getting grounded for a month, and she showed me how evil she could really be. She took away my phone, laptop and made me stay home all summer.

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