Tokio Hotel quiz easy

There are many smart peapol butt few tru genius is afterall quite exceptional. This is just for fun Send it to your friends :D this was fun to do do it your self ^^ i will awnser it ofc =)

Are u a genius? do you have the barinpower to qaulify for that prestigious title?!.. until now you could only wonder... but thanks to this great quiz, in a just a few minutes you will find out hahah!

Created by: Tim nilsson

  1. How old are Tokio Hotel?
  2. Wat was the first name of Tokio Hotel?
  3. How many are they in Tokio hotel?
  4. What is Bill favourit Milkshake Flavor?
  5. How old are Tom and Bill now (2007)
  6. Who is Toms Bigest fan
  7. Who is Bills Bigest fan?
  8. Is bill crying on the first Music-Movie?
  9. What do you got in Common with Bill?
  10. Tom is in a muic video with Bomfunk MC witch one?
  11. who is the twens?
  12. Last ..Q.. What is Gustav's favourit fruit

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