To All Those Haters, I love you :) {Aria's}

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Hi guys. It's Aria. Remember me? That crazy chick who's obsessed with One Direction? Well here's the deal, hating isn't really my thing and I dislike when people hate other people for no reason. They are such filthy peasants for hating the most beautiful people on the planet. Don't you agree with me?

When you hate on someone and don't know what kind of crap they go through is really sad. I sometimes wonder where such monsters exist and then I shake myself up and realize this is reality. Well here this, let's make reality a better place. Let's make the world a better place. If one of you can make a difference, everyone can make a difference. It's not that hard. Just be a better person. You have it inside you. If the Grinch can give back the gifts, who says you can't say sorry? Yeah, sorry won't take back what you said but it will surely make a difference. It'll make you feel better, knowing you took back what you said. Just remember, The girl with the beautiful smile can be the same girl who's been bullied her entire life- Me :) ♥

Created by: Aria
  1. Hi guise :) I'm so ashamed I haven't been on Gotoquiz a lot but I've been on Quotev and Twitter. I've not been very supportive, I'm sorry but I'm here now to show those haters my middle finger.
  2. Okay so let's start with those newbie haters. Wow, you've now been on Gotoquiz and you get on like you know everyone. Babes, don't be so quick to judge others because in a second, people can judge you and you'll lose everything. Now, God forbid this happens but if you EVER mess with my family again, I will fly over to your country and beat the crap out of you. I'm sorry, but I've seen too much of this hating with Ariel, MissPriss, PerfectionIsMe, etc. I've been extremely silent through this year and very distant because of school and my mum being in the hospital but that doesn't mean i don't hear what's going on here.
  3. MissPriss, do you feel good knowing how sad you make LetsParty feel? She was only trying to do good and you fought to bring her down. What kind of green eyed monster are you?! Leave LetsParty alone. She's more beautiful than you'll ever be because she's natural and sweet. You MissPriss, you are evil. I know you want attention and I'm giving it to you. I don't care. You need to know how stupidly childish you are.
  4. Bullying is a next thing. I've been bullied, it's terrible and I see my bully everyday. She's a pain in the butt hole but do I say anything to her? No, I don't even frown at her. I smile at her, my biggest smile, just so she knows that she's not hurting me on the outside. Cyber-bullying someone isn't nice. Heck, it's the worst thing a person can do. It's plain out nasty. It's rude, and disrespectful. It can also cause the cyber bullies to get deleted from Gotoquiz or no access to their account.
  5. Okay and now, to those who hate Justin Bieber. Seriously what has the dude done to you? Has he stolen your potatoes? I highly doubt it. Has he given you HIV? I don't think so. Has he dissed anyone of you? Heck to the no. All Justin does is try to make others happy. He's sweet and caring. I distinctly remember the days I used to call him idiot and gay. So what if he was gay, is what I say now. Justin has so much love in his eyes. Did anyone see what he did for Avalanna? Did you see the love and care in his eyes when he took care of her? Did you see how much he meant to her? He gave her the dream she always dreamt. He was sweeter than any guy in the world. I don't know, but Justin is a sweetheart. :)
  6. Okay so erm....this is seriously awkward because I don't think people will remember me. Hehe...I said it before but I'll say it again. I'm sorry I haven't been on Gotoquiz a lot. I've been on Twitter, MSN, Youtube, Tumblr and recording songs. Also, I have had a lot of exams this month and erm, I love you all. Hey, if any of you want to join Quotev, please join. It's an amazing site :) I would put a heart but Gotoquiz doesn't allow it. -_- Bleh...Hm. I love you GOTOQUIZ!
  7. Okay, so, I'm done with my little rant. I'll just put in some quotes now..
  8. ғ α ɢιrl тнιɴĸѕ ѕнe ιѕɴ'т вeαυтιғυl. ι'м нere тo prove нer wroɴɢ." ~ĸeɴdαll ѕcнмιdт
  9. " ωє ѕтσρρє∂ ¢Ð½Ñ”¢ÐºÎ¹Î·g ƒσя мσηѕтєяѕ υη∂єя тнє вє∂ ωнєη ωє яєαℓιzє∂ тнєу ωєяє ιηѕι∂є σƒ Ï…Ñ•" ~тнє נσкєя
  10. mama told me not to waste my life she said spread your wings my little butterfly- Little Mix
  11. ıғ ѕоʍϵοпϵ тϵℓℓѕ ʏοʋ ʏοʋ'ʀϵ пοт вϵɑʋτıғʋℓ τʋʀп ɑʀοʋпɗ ɑпɗ ԝɑℓκ ɑԝɑʏ, ѕο τʜϵʏ ϲɑп ʜɑѵϵ ɑ ɢʀϵɑт ѵɩϵԝ οғ ʏοʋʀ ғɑвʋℓοʋѕ ɑѕѕ- ʍıℓϵʏ ϲʏʀʋѕ♥
  12. You are beautiful and amazing. Never give up. Just remember, I love you and please never hurt yourself- nellie

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