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  • *Face falls flat on keyboard* WOW XD I swear, the number of times that things on GTQ have caused me mini-heart attacks XD yeahhhh you totally got me XD clever... vry clever and you made me give out a mini-sneak peek into my quiz plans too :x good thing I didn't keep blurting things out XD heyyy no-no don't get down on your writing , like _ViolaLover_ said, you have your unique style. It's just as fun and random as you are, and I love the references you add in... you're the ONLY writer who uses GTQ people as characters and it adds interest and uniqueness

  • Okay, I haven't stopped laughing since I read the title on the new quizzes list. I'm going to freaking slap you! Okay, i'm not going to because I'm lazy, so *telepathic slap* you know you felt that! And you are a great writer, the only reason you should compare yourselves to others is so you can go, "Oh, I did that wrong, I'll fix it now!" not "I did that wrong, and that wrong, and that wrong, I'll never be as good as them! *sobbing on the floor*" You have your writing style, and we have ours. I LIKE your writing style!

    Just to let you know, I won't just telepathicly slap you if you do this again. You've been warned!

  • ................... ................Fre akin PuffBall I'm sad one moment and now I'm laughing my ass off right now. I admit that was a wonderful trick, I give your little devious mind a round of applause. *starts clapping* (Jayden: Nobody saw me crying, I did not cry) Sure you didn't Jay now moving on, you got us good and I'm still laughing why can't I stop laughing! Great now me niece is looking at me like I'm some psycho, good! Okay I have to go, peace out.

  • ok i just went back to my trap quiz and i didn't know you all took it seriously! Gosh you people don't know me! *gaps* How dare you make baby puffball sad now!

  • Nice Puffball, I love that your kind.of.insane!! I would really hate leave, then we wouldn't have someone as crazy!!

  • *slaps Puffball* You know you gave me a heart attack! =O xD No problem though XD LMFAO!


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