Time To Guess What Vowel You're Thinking Of!

Yet another guessing quiz...Except this time with vowels. c: This was really hard to think of questions for so...Yeah. I hate these paragraph things because I never know what to say.

So, obviously, you have to pick one of these vowels: a, e, i, o, u, & y, and I use my guessing-machine-quiz to figure out what vowel you picked. Sounds fun? Let's begin~

Created by: Strangeling

  1. Hello! Welcome to my quiz~ It's time to begin the questionnaire! Pick a vowel. Even y!
  2. Okay. Let's start. Is your vowel one of the first five letters in the alphabet?
  3. Is your vowel in the second "half" of the alphabet (o,u,y).
  4. Can your vowel also be a word (no text talk words!)?
  5. Is your vowel basically the same in both uppercase and lowercase forms (o,u,y)
  6. Is your vowel used in numbers 1-10 (e,i,o,u,)?
  7. Is your vowel here?: ORANGE
  8. Is your vowel commonly found at the end of words (e,y)?
  9. Does your vowel have curves (a,e,o,u)?
  10. Well, that's all the questions I can think of for now...Ciao ciao!

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